5 Game Genres Worth Trying

It’s not a secret: there are tons of video game genres out there. For some people, this choice can be a little overwhelming. To put it simply, there are too many genres to choose from. The creators of this guide know this, which is why they’ve put together a top 5 list of game genres that are worth trying. 

  1. Real-Money

For a long time, there was a big market demand for real-money games. In other words, people wanted online games that would allow them to play with real money – not fake money. 

Companies caught onto this demand and started to release real-money online casino games to satisfy it. Therefore, australia online pokies and other online casino games have exploded in popularity across the internet. You can play them, too – although you must be above the legal gambling age.

Real-money games can be played on:

  • Mobile
  • Tablet 
  • PC 

You can’t play real money games on a console due to laws and regulations. Instead, you need to do it through a mobile browser. 

As the future unfolds and the gambling market continues to grow, it’s projected that the real-money gaming genre will become one of the most popular of all time. 

  1. Action-Adventure 

When it comes to gaming, you can’t go wrong with the action-adventure genre. 

Over the years, there have been some truly great action-adventure games, with Grand Theft Auto V being the best of the bunch. Plus, with GTA 6 expected to release before 2024, the action-adventure genre is going to reach even bigger heights. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 is also considered to be a classic in the action-adventure genre. If you’re a fan of open-world Western games, make sure to add this one to your to-play list.

  1. Battle Royale 

There are hundreds of battle royale games to choose from across all of the major platforms, from PlayStation 5 to PC. 

Some of the best examples include: 

  • Call of Duty: Warzone 
  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 
  • Apex Legends
  • PUBG 

The concept of a battle royale game is simple: the last player standing wins.

Usually, at the beginning of the game, 50-100 players will drop into a map. From there, the aim is to collect weapons and supplies while trying to outlast your opponents. By the end, there will usually be a handful of players left who will engage in combat to see who can win. 

  1. Horror 

If you’re not easily scared, then you might want to try the horror genre. 

Right now, there are some good horror games to choose from, such as Resident Evil Village and The Evil Within 2. 

In 2023, the highly anticipated Resident Evil 4 remake will hit the charts, which is a horror game you’ll want to check out if you were around back in 2005 when it was first released. 

  1. Puzzle 

Want to boost your brain power while taking a break from first-person shooter games? Look no further than the puzzle genre. 

Puzzle games are underrated. Not only are they good for your brain, but they’re also entertaining, too. 

Typically, puzzle games are most popular on mobile. If you open your app store, you’ll see that there are quite a few popular puzzle games to choose from, such as Two Dots and Pokémon Shuffle.

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