5 Games You Can Create at Home Now

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Are you a gamer? There are plenty of gamers in the world. The experience of going into a world that is different from your own reality is what makes games popular. There are other rules or maybe no rules at all to playing the game. Games allow you to express yourself differently and interact with others the way you choose to. 


With COVID-19 in the way of many everyday life activities, repeating the same games can be boring. It’s most likely time for a new game and new activity to take over your life. Take this opportunity to create your own games! 


Many people want to create games but don’t know-how. Take this opportunity to get your gaming ideas flowing. Here are five different game ideas to get you started:


  1. Paper

Yes, the paper seems a little boring but sheets of paper have been around for centuries. They have multiple uses besides writing words on. Get creative with as many sheets of paper as you’d like. Your game can involve lined paper, coloured, construction, tracing and many more! It’s all up to you because this will be your new paper playing game. 


Now here’s the fun part. Plan your game. How many sheets of paper will you need? How many folds will each paper use? Get busy creating your new paper game. Need a few examples to start you off with ideas? You can fold your paper into animals, planes, and more. Don’t want to fold? Go ahead and take the easy way by drawing what you want onto your papers. After all, it is your game!


Get your creative side flowing through your paper game. You may be seeing who’s plane flies the furthest, how many paper balls you can shoot at once, or create your own growing village out of paper. This is a fun and original way to use your home resources to entertain yourself. Have fun and paper away!


  1. Board

You can create your own board game! Get some cardboard and create a game similar to Scrabble. Create your own rules, individual players, cards and more you’d like to add. Develop spaces for each character to go through an experience. 


There are many types of board games. It’s up to you to create one or mash up all game types to create one. Will your game involve dice or another source to get the player moving? Will there be a bad ending or a happy ending? Test yourself and your fellow players. Maybe this board game will be funny, suspicious, or upsetting. Decide the mood you want to set.


Creating your own board game will go a long way if it’s well thought out. Take your time with it and test it before it’s officially complete. Put your name behind a classic board game!


  1. Video Game

Create your own game on screen! If you’re a more technical person, this is most likely your route to go. Get on your computer, learn how to make a video game


Get your lifelong dream going of creating a video game like the now popular screen game Among Us. How complicated will your game be? Will individuals interact live? There are many things to decide during this process. Creating a game via the computer takes a lot more dedication than others.


Stick with the process! It’s not easy creating a game, especially a popular one. Don’t be hard on yourself. Allow your game to express yourself. Every game needs purpose and relatability. And remember, your game does not have a set date to be done. Set goals to get closer to a finished video game.


  1. Scavenger

Get moving! Create a game that gets bodies moving and brains thinking. Make this like a treasure hunt or a piece of detective work. Set up as many destinations and clues as you’d like to keep the game suspenseful and/or interesting.


What materials will be involved? What’s the storyline of this scavenger hunt? Think of all the little details to make this scavenger hunt feel real. What’s the winning prize? The prize can be as simple as being the first one to solve the hunt. Don’t feel like you have to get creative or put money into your scavenger game.


The point is always to have fun. Enjoy yourself, but most importantly make sure all players are enjoying themselves from start to finish of the game. 


  1. Imagination

Every human mind is capable of presenting some imagination. Create your own game by creating a world your mind can only see. Zero items are okay in participating in this game. Most importantly, this can be a solo game or involve a group. Moreover, there can be groups to signify teams.


Will your imagination game involve running from something, seeing one thing, or going against one another. The opportunities are endless, with games revolving around imagination. Get creative or last minute. Add to your game at the moment to create suspense or a sudden change in the game.


No matter your age, using your imagination is a great way to embrace your creative side. Go back to your inner childhood. There is nothing wrong with using your imagination outside the age of a child.


Embrace Your Game

No matter the game you choose, be proud of it. Not every game is perfect. Every game goes through a long process before it’s released. Remember to not be hard on yourself or expect more out of your game. 


Never be afraid to go back and revise. It’s okay to change your game several times. The most important part is for you to be happy with your game creation. Don’t get tangled up with what you want or overwhelm yourself with what the game is not. Moreover, it is okay to create more than one game but don’t do it if you’ll stress yourself out.


Games need a fresh mind to be created. Your mind is capable of coming up with a fresh game many people will enjoy.


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