5 Reasons You Should Absolutely Attend Taiyou Con 2020!

Taiyou con remains one of our most beloved conventions here in Arizona. The event is held every year in the Mesa Convention Center and takes place in January, it focuses on anime, gaming, cosplay, and Japanese culture. Taiyou Con is run by great people and always brings unique guests and panels for the enjoyment of attendees.

We are going to give you five reasons why you should attend their convention in 2020!


This year the event takes place on the weekend of January 3rd to the 5th for its 10 year anniversary! The badges are currently on sale ranging from $30-65 depending on if you’d only like to attend for a specific day or the entire weekend. There is even a Premier Fan Badge for $150 that includes Taiyou Con merchandise (custom lanyard, keychain, pin), Gift Bag, and priority access to all events & autograph sessions.

What better way to help support local than by attending and celebrating 10 years of hard work and good vibes?


Every single Taiyou Con is filled with fantastic cosplayers from around the valley who can be seen living their best life during the convention weekend. We’ve captured photos of a lot of great costumers and getting to see their hard work up close is awe-inspiring, to say the least.


Taiyou Con always has incredible vendors made up of local artists with a sprinkle of out of state folks as well. Getting to check out how talented our local community is and being able to support them is worth the badge price alone. You’ll get great art and the money goes to help independents content creators thrive!


As we mentioned previously, Taiyou Con really does have great guests, in the past, we have seen Robbie Daymond, Mega 64, Chis Sabbat, TeddyLoid, and so many others. This year they have Rei Matsuzaki, Marie Miyake, Iwood Cosplay, PiggyNukka Cosplay, Kyle McCarley, ProZd, Kira Buckland and more. These are veterans of their industry and they will be gracing the convention floor during the weekend to attend panels, hang out with fans and we are living for it!


Although there are many events at Taiyou Con, my personal favorites are Dobutsu Lounge and Sumuji Maid Cafe. Dobutsu Lounge is a great place to go with your friends to drink, hang out with friends, play various tabletop games and be surrounded by beautiful men and women dressed up in a particular geeky theme. During their event, they tend to perform skits and showcase the talents of the entertainers to ensure that everyone who attends has a blast.

Sumuji Maid Cafe is similar in the fact that there is gaming, hanging out with friends, and a great time but it is more laid back where the various maids tend to you and ensure you’re happy and having fun while they dance, and look super adorable in their maid outfits. The other awesome events that will be happening is Taiyou Con Rumble which is a gaming tournament that features a number of popular fighting games.   an outdoor Japanese market, food trucks, and so much more!

You won’t want to miss everything that’ll be happening at Taiyou Con so much sure to snag your tickets today and we’ll see you there!

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