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Cosplayer of the Week: Little Sparkz

ladies and gentlemen, please gather round because today we have one of the best cosplayers in the whole entire industry. Her name is Little Sparkz and she is a cosplayer from Arizona and she has a huge passion for not only the craft of cosplay but also World of Warcraft. She is absolutely a senpai in both communities and we are so grateful for the chance to get to interview her! Enjoy! The Geek Ly...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Kami Jupiter

We have a wonderful cosplayer for you this week by the name of Kami Jupiter! She is fantastic in her craft and we were so excited to get to interview her! Please be sure to follow her! The Geek Lyfe: What is your cosplay origin story?  Kami Jupiter: I wanted to cosplay since I was little, but had no idea how to start it. So ten years ago, a bunch of friends organized a D. Gray-Man cosplay group fo...[Read More]

Holiday Matsuri 2019: An Anime Holiday Party

Hey everyone! I went to a new convention! Well, it was a new convention for me. I journeyed to Florida to attend Holiday Masturi, more commonly referred to as HolMat. It was held at the Orlando World Marriott Center, which was close to Disney World and Universal Studios. Many attendees visited the parks either before and after. This anime is different compared to most others since the event is hol...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Mira Miracles

Today we have a wonderful cosplayer for you that comes all the way from Russia by the name of Mira Miracles! She has a ton of talent and works hard to provide awesome content for her fans. Check out our interview with her! What is your cosplay origin story?  I started cosplaying at school. At the age of 14, friends suggested that I take part in a skit on Happy Tree Friends.  I started with the cos...[Read More]

20 Indie Content Creators to Follow in 2020!

There are a lot of awesome content creators out there and each one of them brings something special to the table. The only problem is knowing which ones to follow for this coming year. If you are tired of all of the mainstream entertainers then you came to the right place since we have 20 awesome independent creators who would appreciate your support and reward you with fantastic content! Note: Th...[Read More]

DemoraFairy and Envyious Tackle MCM London Comic Con 2019

With the UK con scene beginning to wrap up for the year, MCM revisits London for its usual bi-annual convention at the ExCel Centre. With an estimated 130,000 visitors gracing the grounds across the weekend, the halls were brimming with attendees. Headlining guests of Simon Pegg, Tara Strong, Wyatt Oleff, and acclaimed comic book talent of George Perez, David Hine and Ian Churchill to name a few. ...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Ria Parker

We have a champion of cosplay for you today by the name of Ria Parker and my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw how incredible she was! You absolutely need to follow her on every single social media she has because you will be blown away by everything she does. We’re so grateful to have had the chance to interview Ria Parker! The Geek Lyfe: What is your cosplay origin story?  Ria Parker: I ...[Read More]

Top Five Cosplayers of 2019

As the year comes to a close we wanted to highlight five hard-working cosplayers that we had the pleasure of interviewing this year. Be sure to check out out and give them all of the love and support they deserve. This list is in no particular order as they are all kings and queens of their craft. Jihatsu Cosplay Jihatsu is a kind and wonderful man known far and wide for his awesome talent in the ...[Read More]

Looking Back on The Geek Lyfe 2019

A lot of wonderful things in the year of 2019. My name is DeAngelo Murilo and I own and operate The Geek Lyfe along with a team of pretty awesome human beings. Our goal is to represent the underrepresented and the overlooked via events, articles, interviews, and more. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on all of the projects we tackled this year to showcase our hard work. The Good Times Spring C...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Kheici

We are here today to bring you another wonderful human being that we have interviewed. Her name is Kheici and she is a cosplayer who is just fantastic in about every way! TGL: What is your cosplay origin story? Kheici: My very first cosplay was a Jade (Mortal Kombat 9) cosplay that I purchased online just for fun. I purchased it for Anime Matsuri (2018) which was a BLAST! Afterward, it just kind o...[Read More]

5 Reasons You Should Absolutely Attend Taiyou Con 2020!

Taiyou con remains one of our most beloved conventions here in Arizona. The event is held every year in the Mesa Convention Center and takes place in January, it focuses on anime, gaming, cosplay, and Japanese culture. Taiyou Con is run by great people and always brings unique guests and panels for the enjoyment of attendees. We are going to give you five reasons why you should attend their conven...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Pixelghosts

Check out our interview with the fantastic pixelghosts! She is a talented cosplayer and writer who loves all things geeky. The Geek Lyfe: What is your cosplay origin story? pixelghosts: Back when I first started, I was really into Vocaloid so my first real cosplay was from “Matryoshka.” I knew nothing about wigs or makeup, so it was definitely a mess. However, I do remember having an amazing time ...[Read More]

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