A Look at a Video Game Masterpiece: Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima was released in July of last year, and since then, it has been talked about by critics and gamers alike. It’s been talked about as the winner of the coveted game of the year award last year. The way it lost to Last of Us 2 infuriated many fans because it was simply a better game. Furthermore, the release of its expansion during October of last year has confirmed its position as a masterpiece and cemented its position as one of the greatest games of this generation.

But what makes Ghost of Tsushima so good compared to other games in its genre, such as Assassin’s Creed? And why did it lose to a game such as Last of Us 2, which was ill-received by players? This will article aims to answer these questions and more.

It’s about Time for a Samurai Game

We’ve been asking for it for so many years. We want a samurai game. Many gamers have been itching to play the role of a samurai for so long. There had been many ninjas, such as the Sekiro from the critically-acclaimed game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but very few samurai video game characters that fight with honor (We can’t even name any!).

Thankfully, players can actually play like a real samurai who asks for honorable duels in Ghost of Tsushima. Many players actually did it and built their character that way, even if there was the better (more overpowered) ninja build. Ghost of Tsushima certainly scratched our samurai itch, and we can’t wait for the next one!

Beautiful Scenery

Ghost of Tsushima’s vibrant recreation of the island of the authentic island near the coast of South Korea captivated many audiences during its release trailer. It captivated even more once people had their hands on the game and its robust photo mode feature.

It’s undeniable that Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most beautiful games in the industry. A single screenshot of its scenery can be used for many things such as a desktop wallpaper, a postcard, or maybe even a cover for a book. It’s just that good! If you want your Ghost of Tsushima screenshots to look a lot better, you can always hire product image editing services online to do this for you.

These services can do things that the in-game photo mode can do. It can make the game look even more vibrant than before. It can also make it look even more realistic. You can then show off these edited screenshots to your friends, or better yet, print them as a customized postcard and send it to a loved one. This is a great product to represent an even greater game. You can thank us for this idea later.

A Well-blended Mix

Ghost of Tsushima could have been just a hack-and-slash game in where you press two buttons at a time to defeat your opponents. But instead, it chose to be an action RPG with in-depth elements and gameplay interactions. There are so many character builds you can make in this game that excels in various aspects of combat and gameplay.

Considering that there are also four samurai techniques you can master and a skill tree designated for using ninja tools and stealth, Ghost of Tsushima is a well-blended mix with a crisp but quite violent sword-slashing gameplay. That’s not a bad thing at all! It’s just sometimes it feels like it’s too close to reality, especially when you put on that black and white classic samurai filter.

Why Is It Not the Game of the Year?

It’s undeniable that this game should have won a game of the year 2020. If you ask many gamers during that COVID-ridden year, they would tell you that they have spent a considerable more amount time playing GoT than LoU 2. GoT plays so much better with more content, a grounded but epic narrative, and a likable character. LoU 2 on the other hand, felt like a rushed action game, with very little variety when it comes to gameplay and a detached main character. So why did LoU 2 win GotY when clearly GoT should have gotten it?

Well, it’s clear that there are politics involved in the gaming industry, and there are so many more things we don’t understand in the background. But we all know that the competition was rigged from the start. Naughty Dog was destined to win GotY no matter what, simply because it was a giant in the industry and well-loved by Sony. GoT, on the other hand, was made Sucker Punch, a studio that is still developing its brand despite its amazing Infamous series. Additionally, we gamers don’t really have a say in the winner of GotY, which is why many gamers believe that it’s a fluke. But no matter, Ghost of Tsushima is still the winner in many gamers’ hearts, as we wait for maybe a sequel.

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Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: https://www.thegeeklyfe.com | info@thegeeklyfe.com | http://twitch.tv/that_deangelo | https://linktr.ee/deangelomurillo

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