A Taste for Dress Up in Show Business

A Taste for Dress Up in Show Business

People express themselves with their passions and their actions, but also with what they wear. The special instance of the fashion choice is dressing up for the occasion, which can simply be a lot of fun. The fun factor is one of the fundamental components in show business, and in that world, there is room for showing up looking like somebody else.

 Photo by Gage Skidmore/ CC BY-SA 2.0

Many of us can’t wait for Halloween and other costume party opportunities. The culture of disguising oneself beyond recognition has certainly developed over the years, with the popularity growth of comic books (no longer only for geeks), fantasy books and games, sci-fi movies and TV series, super-hero blockbusters and so on. One would argue it’s nothing short of an art form, a craze the whole world is taking a part in – the cosplay. At various comic conventions around the globe, with the most famous being held in San Diego, participants would dress up as their favorite character from any multiverse, medium or part of the entertainment industry. Different mix-ups and crossovers are also welcomed. Taken seriously it requires engagement in early stages. At the biggest event, some celeb-rities and other show business representatives may pop in with a quick visit. Oftentimes to promote a new movie or something like that, but also out of sheer fondness for such activities. Some of them even manifest true liking in disguising themselves with hilarious costumes and have real fun surprising their fans once true identity is revealed.

Turns out there is plenty of opportunities to put on a funny outfit in the world of poker. Perhaps not much room for creativity when you play online. As a consolation, you don’t have to pay as much to compete, maybe even find ways to skip making any deposit. If you want to take it to the next level, you can be sure there’s a good chance to spot some colorful individuals at big live tournaments. Be-sides getting few laughs, putting on a show can serve a real purpose in this sport. Players want to hide their emotions and facial expressions as much as possible while trying to throw the opposition of their balance. Distractive clothes and flashy accessories will do just that.

When it comes to the love for dressing up, some celebrities are no different than the rest of us. Of course, they have resources to come up with something really impressive. Plus, the potential spot-light shines much brighter, so the scope of media impact can be huge. Halloween parties for the rich and famous also can get a little wilder. You can be sure that the aftermath photos with them looking fabulous in their costumes, almost definitely will spread throughout social media channels with the speed of light. Public personalities who are professional entertainers, comedians, and TV hosts, aren’t afraid to use this tool when doing their jobs. Well-known stars, like Ellen DeGeneres for exam-ple, do it all the time. Many TV series such as “The Late Late with James Corden” or “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, have segments based on similar concepts. The hosts, with the much-encouraged participation of celebrity guests, would come up with a number of ideas to implement costumes and props into their hilarious acts and funny bits.

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