Among Us is Affordable and Fun!

Looking to snag a great game that is simple to learn, affordable, and fun? Then you need to check out Among Us! Among Us is a game focused on trying to complete a series of tasks while also avoiding the Imposter(s) who are trying to sabotage the mission.

The art design is fun, simple, and yet original as it paints a sci-fi world with various space crew members working to accomplish their goals. It has no issue being silly, allowing players to customize their characters with various hats, pets, and more!

The gameplay is easy to learn and wicked fun as all players use their deduction skills to determine who the Imposter is with who say them last, what tasks were completed, and even plain ol vibes. If a person seems shady or even doesn’t respond to questions, it could cause players to vote them off the ship. This psychological warfare is crucial for the Imposter who is trying their best to ward off suspicion.

Speaking of the Imposter, these special characters have the ability to kill others which then has a cooldown timer of usually 15 seconds, allowing the survivors time to find the body and report it. The Imposter can also travel through vents to appear on opposite ends of the ship to avoid being seen in the murder area. They can also ‘Sabotage’ various components of the ship forcing the crew to stop their tasks in order to fix the ship.

The game ends when either the Imposter is voted out, the Crew finishes their tasks, or if the number of Imposters equals the number of players. Games typically take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes making them great party games to play with friends on Discord! I highly recommend Among Us since on Steam it is only $5 and on mobile it is free!

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