Getting into Overwatch League!

If you are like me, your time is split between work, a relationship, family, and then there is just a tiny pool of time left we can allocate to our hobbies. Unfortunately, we can not do everything we want and as a result we can miss out on a lot of great content. For me, that was The Overwatch League. In 2018, I completely missed the boat and was out of the loop, so for 2019 I swore that I would n...[Read More]

Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews Episode 7: Vader Fan Film, Jablinski, Bandersnatch

This week’s episode is looks as though it’s going through a goth phase, as all of our topics are clad in black. We cover an amazing Star Wars fan film, a new YouTube channel that’s hopefully not a giant troll, and a choose-your-own-adventure movie. Vader: Shards of the Past We can’t say enough good things about this. We’re already Star Wars fanboys, but every aspect of this film was phenomenal. Th...[Read More]

Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews Episode 5: Heroes of the Storm, Sonic Movie, Relics and Rarities

This week in Nerd News, we’ll cover a storm that’s starting to die down, the urge to go fast, and new D&D projects that aren’t just a shameless plug of Almost Heroic. No More Heroes Blizzard has pulled teams & assets from Heroes of the Storm (the only MOBA I play), to free them up for other unannounced projects. They tried to soften the blow by saying this doesn’t mean we’re going to stop ...[Read More]

Destiny 2: Scourge of the Past Raid has Its World First Clear

Bungie’s flagship title, Destiny 2, launched a brand spankin’ new raid at 9:00 AM PST, this morning. The new raid is titled Scourge of the Past, and brings guardians back to The Last City. This wasn’t a surprise drop, and all of the usual suspects were primed and ready to race for the world first title. In the end it was Gigz and company that accomplished this feat, and will be t...[Read More]

Battle for Azeroth: A Rough Start

The latest World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth, released around 6 weeks ago. The community has been in a bit of an uproar since, with many referring to it as “Beta for Azeroth.” The random passerby who heard all the praise lavished upon the previous expansion, Legion, may be confused as to why the tone has shifted so drastically. The perceived issues are plenty, so let’s break them dow...[Read More]

Schrei205 Interviews Glenn Rane (Warning: Fangirling Within)

World of Warcraft holds a special place in my heart for a huge variety of reasons. One of those reasons includes the incredible art that accompanies the game, from the illustrations, to the concepts, to the in-game scenery. The quality of Blizzard art has always been truly impressive, and I was so excited to hear that a long-time Blizzard artist, Glenn Rane, would be a guest at Phoenix Comic Fest ...[Read More]

Before the Storm: Review of the Battle for Azeroth Prequel Novel by Christie Golden

Everyone that knows me knows just how much I love Warcraft. Many of my cosplays are from World of Warcraft, I’ve had my account active almost constantly since 2006, I’m super interested in all the lore, and I’ve read all the novels so far. Naturally, I was really excited to read the new novel by Christie Golden, Before the Storm. This is the official prequel novel to the upcoming World of Warcraft...[Read More]

Why Wait for Left 4 Dead 3 When Vermintide 2 Exists?

Written by Lauren Alexander The Warhammer Franchise and I have a very simple relationship: They make quality products based on Sci Fi or Fantasy settings and I spend all of my money for them. When Vermintide 2 was announced, I knew I was going to purchase the game and would enjoy it enough to not regret my purchase. The original Vermintide was a solid game all around but had enough flaws to not ma...[Read More]

Review/Giveaway: Archaica The Path of Light

Review: Archaica The Path of Light Ah puzzle games, the perfect combination of zoning out and racking your brain. It’d been a while since I’d had a good puzzle game that could strike a balance between being challenging and able to hold my attention without being frustratingly difficult. I enjoy a nice challenge that’s within reason, and TwoMammoths walks that line like a champ wi...[Read More]

Why You Should Check Out Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood!

Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood By Geegiiee In 1557 of the Sixth Astral Era, the forces of the Garlean Empire launched an attack on Eorzea. Ala Mhigo, a strong nation known for their influential Lancers and the Monks of the Fist of Rhalgr, fell to the Garleans overwhelming firepower and airships. From that time onwards the country has served as nothing more than another imperial territory under the g...[Read More]

Brosus! – Return to Gang Beasts (Video)

  Those who frequent The Geek Lyfe are probably familiar with the fact that we have a YouTube page.  Anybody who has gone onto the YouTube page is probably familiar with our continuing series, Brostalgia.  If you aren’t yet acquainted with our YouTube channel, feel free to check it out here.  One of the funnest videos we’ve ever made, and definitely one of my favorites, was a vers...[Read More]

Q&A: Justin Carter and Negative_Space Demo

Q&A: Justin Carter and Negative_Space Demo   Phoenix Comicon isn’t just a hub for cosplayers and geeky brand lovers; it also features the Southwest Video Game Showcase, a place where game designers and creators come together to show off their new games and preview the competition. Within this group, awards are given to the best of the best, paying tribute to up-and-coming creators a...[Read More]

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