How to Play Phasmophobia!

Phasmophobia is an early access game that has been sweeping Twitch like a wildfire, and for good reason! Phasmophobia is a 4 player co-op where you go into haunted locations and search for clues via tools. Along the way you piece together what information you have in order to identify what kind of ghost you are dealing with. However, the ghost will get angry and attempt to murder the investigators while also plaguing them with paranormal activity.

The game is incredibly fun and at the price of $13 it is a must-have for any fan of horror! The only issue with the game is the learning curve required so I am here to help make your life easier!

Do a Mic Check

Your default mic keys are ‘V’ for local chat and ‘B’ for radio chat. Make certain you can hear everyone and everyone can hear you. If they can’t, then you’ll have either have to leave the game or power through it keeping in mind that lack of communication.

Gather Information

On the whiteboard it’ll have crucial information including the name of the ghost and whether or not it will respond to people who are alone or together. Also listed is the secondary objectives that you can try to complete for additional money.

Gather Equipment

When you start a session, the equipment will populate. You’ll want to snag a Flashlight, a strong one ideally, and then two other information-gathering tools. Ideal tools are: EMF Reader, Spirit Box, Thermometer, and a UV Light. The reason you’ll want these tools is that they can be used in the house to try to locate the ghost with relative efficiency.

Scout for the Ghost Room

Once you have your gear you’ll head into the building to locate where the ‘Ghost Room’ is. This is an area of the facility where the ghost resides and is crucial for the mission. You’ll know you are in the Ghost Room since your tools will activate: The temperature will drop drastically, the EMF reader will register beyond level 1, etc.

Speak to the Dead for Help

Some ghosts are hard to locate and will need to be prompted. In order to call upon the ghost, you’ll have to talk to it using ‘V’, your local chat. It’ll respond to various commands and even just you speaking. ‘Give Us A Sign’ is a classic method to get the ghost to do something, anything, to give you a hint as to where it is. Be warned that aggressive ghosts may use this opportunity to strike.

Surviving a Hunt

A ‘Hunt’ is when your flashlight starts flickering, indicating that the ghost is ‘Hunting’ which means it is trying to kill someone. When this happens you’ll want to run to a closet, room, or locker that is beyond the line of sight of the ghost. When you’ve found a decent spot, shut the door behind you, crouch, and then turn off your flashlight. Don’t speak at all and periodically check your flashlight to see if it is still pulsating.  Once it is solid again, call out to your crew to check on who is alive.

Gather Three Clues

After a bit of investigating you should find various pieces of information thanks to your tools. You can then hit ‘J’ to pull up your journal and input the findings. Once you have them inputted, you can narrow the possible choices which will give you ideas as to what you need to check for then hyper-focus on those clues. Sometimes you might need to trigger the ghost in order for the last clues to come forward but it is only a matter of time.

Finger Prints: UV Light on anything the ghost touches.

Spirit Box: A voice can be heard on the spirit box.

EMF Level 5: The EMF reader registers at its maximum level.

Freezing Temperatures: You can see your breath.

Ghost Orbs: You see small firefly looking dots float across the screen via a video camera.

Ghost Writing: The ghost will write in an open-faced book on the floor or table.

Head back to the Trailer

Once you have all of your clues, go back to the trailer and input the clues to find out which ghost it is. Once that happens you can click the keypad by the exit and head home to get your payout.


There are various ways to get additional funds in every mission. Here are a few!

  • Take a photo of Voodoo Dolls.
  • Find the Bone and take a photo of it before picking it up.
  • Take a photo of Fingerprints.
  • Take a photo of the Ghost.
  • Take a photo of a ghost event.
  • Take a photo of an Ouija Board in use.
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