I Think My Girlfriend aka 3D Waifu Is Broken

After years of anime and falling in love with waifu after waifu, from Ryoko to Bulma, I was excited to one day get a 3D waifu of my own. I was so excited to get to feel the squishy warmth of resting my head on her thighs or even watching at how cute she’d be eating her food with tiny bites and more! However, I am finding out that things are not as I expected them to be and I want to share my...[Read More]

New Overwatch Hero ‘Ashe’ Finally Brings Long Awaited Representation to Cosplay Minority Group: Skinny White Females

At Blizzcon, a new hero was announced for one of Blizzard’s most popular franchises, Overwatch. Her name is Ashe. Armed with a lever action rifle and her omnic homie, B.O.B, the 29th hero is to be released in the next couple months. She is introduced in this McCree short, Reunion, that also features another potential playable character: Echo. Here is her kit per Overwatch: Ashe Role: Damage ...[Read More]

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