Overwatch Unveils New Haitian Healer Hero: Baptiste

Mobilize alongside the combat medic who made the shrewd decision to make the world a better place, one bandage… or bullet at a time: Baptiste. If the folks over at Blizzard are good at anything, it is introducing some fantastic new content! Baptiste is the latest hero to arrive on the popular online game, Overwatch. Baptiste is a combat medic able to not only help his allies but also deal so...[Read More]

Getting into Overwatch League!

If you are like me, your time is split between work, a relationship, family, and then there is just a tiny pool of time left we can allocate to our hobbies. Unfortunately, we can not do everything we want and as a result we can miss out on a lot of great content. For me, that was The Overwatch League. In 2018, I completely missed the boat and was out of the loop, so for 2019 I swore that I would n...[Read More]

Pawsonify: Adorable Nerdy Pet Collars and Accessories!

I love my cat, probably too much, but I’m not alone in my generation. A lot of us are treating our pets more like children, which means, of course, we want to buy all the cute things for them. Enter Pawsonify! Vensy, who comes from a background of prop and cosplay making, began making adorable nerd-themed pet collars in 2018. Each collar is handmade, but that doesn’t stop the entire process ...[Read More]

In New Short Story, Soldier 76 revealed to be a Member of LGBTQ+ Community

A new Overwatch story by the name of  “Bastet,”(Check out the PDF version!) released recently by Blizzard Entertainment that features more of the backstory of one of their most iconic character: Soldier: 76. Solider 76 is known for being a hardcore, grizzled veteran, who does whatever it takes to ensure victory. What makes this particular short story fantastic is the fact that they reveal that thi...[Read More]

Professional Overwatch Player ‘Ellie’ Steps down After Allegations of Fraud

The pro gamer known as ‘Ellie’, came onto the professional Overwatch team called Second Wind not even two months ago. However, there was an abnormal amount of information missing from this new member of their team which caused suspicions from their peers. For every other member, there is a wealth of information on them and their background and have tangible history with videos and more. So for the...[Read More]

Five Ways to Become Better at Overwatch

Overwatch is, without a doubt, one of the most popular video games to date, with a player base of over 35 million and even a secured spot on ESPN with their professional scene, called Overwatch League. Overwatch League features the best of the best players from all around the world. The world of eSports has grown so much that adults can now not only survive off of these careers, but actually thriv...[Read More]

New Overwatch Hero ‘Ashe’ Finally Brings Long Awaited Representation to Cosplay Minority Group: Skinny White Females

At Blizzcon, a new hero was announced for one of Blizzard’s most popular franchises, Overwatch. Her name is Ashe. Armed with a lever action rifle and her omnic homie, B.O.B, the 29th hero is to be released in the next couple months. She is introduced in this McCree short, Reunion, that also features another potential playable character: Echo. Here is her kit per Overwatch: Ashe Role: Damage ...[Read More]

Blizzcon Is Coming and the Cosplay Is Going to Be Insane

Blizzcon holds a special place in my heart. It was my first ever convention, and it was my inspiration to begin this crazy cosplay hobby. Blizzcon cosplayers are truly a step above the rest as we all support each other to go above and beyond and create the best versions of our favorite Blizzard characters we can. I’m always learning from the amazing creators that attend Blizzcon, and just hanging ...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Le Petit Fromage

Cover photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography Ladies and gentlemen, we have a fantastic cosplayer for you this week. Le Petit Fromage is an incredible cosplayer that is based in Arizona that specializes in armor based cosplays. She is truly a hidden gem; I am still in awe that her name isn’t more well known in our community! Her costumes are always top notch, from Brigitte from Overwatch to her...[Read More]

Con Nichiwa 2018 Offered Good Vibes and Great Guests!

Con Nichiwa is one of Tucson’s biggest anime conventions ran by Monkey Paw Entertainment who are known for running other great conventions such as Saboten Con, Kikori Con, and more!  First and foremost, I have to give the biggest shout out to both Lvckydiamond and Heartless Aquarius. Originally I, Darth Mexican, was going to cover a majority of the content during the event but got pulled ont...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Cheshsmiles

Cosplayer of the Week: Cheshsmiles Earlier this year we decided to throw together a cosplay swim suit shoot and it turned out to be a blast! One of the cosplayers who attended was Cheshsmiles and she came to the event in her swim suit Tracer! We exchanged a few words here and there, followed one another on social media, and then met up at Anime Expo where we greeted one another briefly. I didnR...[Read More]

Demora Fairy’s Tracer Photo Shoot is Too Adorable!

Demora Fairy’s Tracer Photo Shoot is Too Adorable! I can not express to you just how much I love photography, granted while I, myself, am a mediocre photographer I constantly spend my free time admiring the work of so many others! One of which is DemoraFairy Photography who lives in the UK, not only is she a wicked awesome photographer but she also cosplays at the same time. When I first met...[Read More]

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