Professional Overwatch Player ‘Ellie’ Steps down After Allegations of Fraud

The pro gamer known as ‘Ellie’, came onto the professional Overwatch team called Second Wind not even two months ago. However, there was an abnormal amount of information missing from this new member of their team which caused suspicions from their peers. For every other member, there is a wealth of information on them and their background and have tangible history with videos and more. So for the...[Read More]

Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews Episode 5: Heroes of the Storm, Sonic Movie, Relics and Rarities

This week in Nerd News, we’ll cover a storm that’s starting to die down, the urge to go fast, and new D&D projects that aren’t just a shameless plug of Almost Heroic. No More Heroes Blizzard has pulled teams & assets from Heroes of the Storm (the only MOBA I play), to free them up for other unannounced projects. They tried to soften the blow by saying this doesn’t mean we’re going to stop ...[Read More]

Five Ways to Become Better at Overwatch

Overwatch is, without a doubt, one of the most popular video games to date, with a player base of over 35 million and even a secured spot on ESPN with their professional scene, called Overwatch League. Overwatch League features the best of the best players from all around the world. The world of eSports has grown so much that adults can now not only survive off of these careers, but actually thriv...[Read More]

New Overwatch Hero ‘Ashe’ Finally Brings Long Awaited Representation to Cosplay Minority Group: Skinny White Females

At Blizzcon, a new hero was announced for one of Blizzard’s most popular franchises, Overwatch. Her name is Ashe. Armed with a lever action rifle and her omnic homie, B.O.B, the 29th hero is to be released in the next couple months. She is introduced in this McCree short, Reunion, that also features another potential playable character: Echo. Here is her kit per Overwatch: Ashe Role: Damage ...[Read More]

Five Reasons Why You Need to Play World of Warcraft

By Lauren Alexander With Battle for Azeroth right around the corner, we thought it best to share with our fine readers why they should dust off their old armor and weapons and jump back into Azeroth, or jump in for the first time, in preparation for the expansion launch in August! With so many new generations of gamers who have been exposed to various other MMORPGs, it is understandable why they h...[Read More]

Blizzcon 2017 Was The Best Convention All Year

Blizzcon 2017 Was The Best Convention All Year I remember that fateful day in 2002 when dear geeky friends of mine told me that I just had to join them in gaming at a local Cyber Cafe by the name of Cyber Zone. There they introduced me to Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, and Starcraft. The needle entered my twelve year old veins and injected the sweetest of gaming drugs that would haunt me for all of my days...[Read More]

How to Become a Better World of Warcraft Raider

After grinding for hours to hit max level you have seen a number of messages in trade chat, have been whispered by random strangers, or had friends who have asked you to raid with them, and you agreed. You put on your best gear and gather with a dozen other players to enter the gates of the latest raid, and for hours you throw yourself against boss after boss downing some and failing at others. At...[Read More]

Overwatch Christmas Loot Boxes | The Quest For The Nutcracker (Video)

  Quest for the Nutcracker:  The Mei-levolent Discovery   2016 has been filled with a lot of ups and downs.  Mostly downs for the majority of people.  There is one thing, however, that has been consistently good to us throughout the year.  Overwatch. Blizzard has done an amazing job of keeping gamers enthralled in their games, and Overwatch has been no exception.  The assortment of diffe...[Read More]

Overwatch Tips

Overwatch Tips If you’re not already playing Overwatch, you should be. It’s one of the best FPS releases I’ve seen in a very long time. Polished and a brilliant experience from day 1, Overwatch has been one of the most surprising releases in recent memory. Though, to be honest, we probably shouldn’t be that surprised. This is the team at Blizzard, of course. Overwatch is being called an FPS MOBA, ...[Read More]

Good Guy Blizzard

Good Guy Blizzard If you are a geek then chances are, you have heard of Blizzard Entertainment. If you know them, then you either love them or hate them depending on which franchise you play. Recently, they have been working on their newest IP, Overwatch, and actually launches today! The game is fantastic, no doubt a hit that’ll be loved and cherished by many. However, we’re not here t...[Read More]

Diablo: The Red Headed Step Child

Diablo: The Red Headed Step Child At one time the Diablo franchise was one of the biggest and well loved games that Blizzard Entertainment had ever produced. For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Diablo focuses on being an average run of the mill adventurer in a grim world filled of demons, undead, and so much more. The enemies are numerous and the challenges are daunting yet you, the player, c...[Read More]

Warcraft: Orgrim Doomhammer

  Warcraft: Orgrim Doomhammer  It’s common knowledge that I am a huge World of Warcraft geek, I’ve read a majority of the novels and have been playing since 2005 (We even have a Geek Lyfe guild!). So I am freaking out about the upcoming Warcraft film in 2016. So imagine my surprise when Orgrim Doomrhammer himself appears on my newsfeed in all his CGI glory! If you don’t know...[Read More]

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