Crunchyroll Loves Launches Exclusive “Mob Psycho 100” Hoodie Collection

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Recently, Crunchyroll Loves, the street wear label from the world’s most popular anime streaming platform, is launching an exclusive “Mob Psycho 100” collection of hoodies. The collection includes five main items – two hoodies, one fanny pack, one Dimple pix-brix set and one acrylic key chain.

The colors for this collection were chosen by the Crunchyroll community! Crunchyroll’s head of commerce, Kristin Parcell, spoke to fans directly on the ground at events and the most requested color set was pastel yellow and blue. This newest line is a direct response to fan requests and an evolution of the brand’s first “Mob Psycho 100” collab.

Crunchyroll Loves collections are available at the Crunchyroll Store. other great Crunchyroll Loves collections have featured content honoring “Junji Ito,” “DARLING in the FRANXX,” “Re:ZERO,” “Bananya,” and “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.” Crunchyroll Loves capsule collections are limited and will not be restocked once items are sold out.

Be sure to get yours today!


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