Devfare 2018 was Humble and Cozy!(Review)

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Devfare 2018 was Humble and Cozy!(Review)

In Arizona, we are known for having some pretty great conventions, like Phoenix Comic Fest and Saboten Con. Each convention brings a crowd of excited costumers, gamers, art lovers, and more! While attending my well-known favorites is great, I do always enjoy getting to experience new conventions. There’s something amazing about the independent scene where you can walk the halls with an abundance of personal space and chat with vendors to really get to know them. I was grateful to get that very experience at Devfare this past weekend while the core team tackled Wonder Con!

At ASU West campus, Devfare took place inside a two story building where the first floor contained a single room that held around twenty vendors all selling various wares. The second floor offered a gaming area for both table top and video games with panel rooms as well. The event was held for a single day, had no admission cost, and brought a fair amount of attendees for its humble size.

Amongst the vendors were our dear friends like AmberSkies Cosplay and Magic Mischief Cosplay along with new friends, Rinko Draws and Cinderberrie! We all have our own brands to manage and create content for, so it can be hard to find time between events to hang out, but Devfare provided that perfect opportunity to connect! I was able to take my time looking at every vendor’s table, chat with them, and catch up with friends with out any worries or concerns.

Although they didn’t have A-list celebrity guests, a huge cosplay masquerade event, or big industry vendors, it was still very much enjoyable. It provided an opportunity during an Arizona convention drought to have geeks come together and enjoy what they love. While I do hope Devfare comes back next year and grows, a part of me also wishes for it to remain indie to preserve its down to earth factor!



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