Difficult Games: From Cuphead to Super MeatBoy

For every gaming enthusiast, there are all kinds of gaming genres. From the simplest to the most challenging, the thrill is found in the mysteries, and the ability to beat different levels. 

To the most experienced of gamers, maneuvering past tough challenges and picking as many rewards as possible is what makes a game what it is. As you get down to your favourite online casino, it is imperative that you understand your way through by learning the tricks. 


Cuphead is the game for you if you want to appreciate exquisite 1930s-style animation while getting so furious that you nearly hurl your controller against the wall. It’s a run-and-gun cartoon escapade that appears harmless but is very dangerous. One of the game’s bosses (the changing wedding-cake palace) gave me nightmares, but once I defeated it, I felt like a god.

Super Meat Boy

You, a little square of sentient meat, must speed and leap your way through levels filled with spinning blades, spikes, and other entertaining deathtraps. A splash of red commemorates your death every time you die. As a result, by the time you complete some of Super Meat Boy‘s more difficult courses, the whole game has been painted crimson as a sarcastic monument to your failures.


Trials is a puzzle game disguised as a racing game in which you maneuver motocross bikes through obstacle courses as things explode in the backdrop (or under your wheels). Enjoy spending many minutes attempting to move your rider’s weight around to tackle one little piece of corrugated iron on a hill by continually repeating the same part of track.


Crash on a highly dangerous planet, gather whatever weapons you can, and then fight your way through the scary monsters you’ll encounter. Every time you die, you’re right back where you started. Returnal is a technically impressive, cutting-edge game that continues the hard-as-nails arcade shooter heritage.


Help a lonely lady as she climbs a cold mountain where strange things happen. The most appealing aspect of this grueling platformer is how well its themes of overcoming self-doubt mesh with what you’re doing, which is constantly attempting difficult jumps and heart-in-mouth leaps of faith until you can do the seemingly impossible.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Only your blade and steely nerves stand between you and quick death as an undead samurai in a warped medieval Japan. Sekiro is a challenging and intriguing game featuring some of the most vicious and merciless sword fighting ever seen in a video game. I haven’t finished it yet.

Super Hexagon

A mesmerizing journey in which you must defend a little triangle from approaching geometric forms using just your reflexes and some mind-melting music. This is a lizard-brain challenge and reward in its purest form. Few people have ever “completed” Super Hexagon, but it feels like you’ve completed a triathlon every time you survive for even a fraction of a second longer than before.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is unpatronizing rather than sadistic. If you wish to make any progress through its maze of horrors, you’ll need to utilize your wits, keep your anxieties under control, and tap into the enormous knowledge and advice of the community of gamers. It’s well worth it: beating Dark Souls is one of my finest achievements in life.

Spelunky 2

Go cave diving in a maze of cartoon caves where even the smallest mistake can result in death. The beauty of Spelunky is that you never know what will happen next: you could survive a terrifying confrontation with man-eating plants just to fall over a cliff in humiliation. To add to the pandemonium, it can also be played with friends.

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