DM Advice: Why Session 0 Is a Necessity

Being a Dungeon Master can be a rewarding experience that allows you to craft stories for cherished friends to enjoy. Whether your Table Top RPG of choice is Kids on Bikes, Dungeons & Dragons, or some other game, you will absolutely want to have a session 0.

What is a session 0? Session 0 is the very first session where all players gather together to discuss their characters, expectations, and boundaries.


Many tabletop RPGs can be confusing for new players and having a dedicated time to allow for folks to ask questions and seek advice from their more experienced peers will result in better sessions. It can also give the Dungeon Master time to establish any rules for the players and assist them in changing if needed.


Giving everyone a chance to talk about what they would like to have happen in the adventure will help the group understand what they should aim for. A common misconception is that the Dungeon Master is responsible for all of the work when really everyone has a part to play in the fun. Often times groups will be surprised that most of them want more combat, Role Play, or even puzzles.


Understanding what aspects folks do not want helps tremendously since it’ll ensure that everyone feels comfortable with the sessions. Most people use Table Top RPGs as a way to escape from their every day lives in a healthy way and to compromise that would be terrible. It is uncommon for people to openly discuss their greatest fears so having time set aside to discuss these triggers helps the Dungeon master and players craft an even better world.

Although session 0 won’t involve any monster-slaying or loot gathering, it will help to establish a healthy community that will be more capable of keeping players interested during campaigns.

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Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: | | |

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