Dragons In Places a D&D Adventure by Game Grumps(Review)

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Dragons In Places a D&D Adventure by Game Grumps(Review)

Anyone who has read our content in the past knows that we absolutely adore a group of content creators by the name of Game Grumps. You can imagine our excitement when the news was released about their Dungeons and Dragons series called Dragons In Places!

The series is eight episodes long ranging a little over an hour per episode. The Dungeon Master for the campaign is none other than ProJared who is a fellow content creator. With him are Suzy, Barry, Ross, and Arin from the Game Grumps crew as well as Commander Holly. Together they are given a quest by a king to go and find an object of great power. Unfortunately the item is placed in a compound overrun with traps, monsters, and more.

So how was it?

Game Grumps is famous for creating side splitting let’s play videos featuring a number of members that exchange banter while gaming. To swap to playing Dungeons and Dragons with multiple guests was a unique twist to say the least. I was surprised by how in game they kept most conversations. Every so often a player would slip and the others would jokingly remind them of their error.

Barry played a halfling monk, Ross an err undead rogue, Holly was a Tiefling druid, and then Arin played a female blade singer, and Susie is a male ranger. Every character had their own quirks with Barry’s monk making every attempt to entertain, Susie and Arin flirting with opposite gender characters, Ross doing the most ridiculous stunts and some how it works.

The entire cast were so great together because of their obvious out of game friendship, almost every joke made was in character. When loot dropped it was hilarious to listen to them argue over who should get what. then, when one person would falter, the other would feel guilt and try to mend fences by offering treasure then get denied. The whole experience was enjoyable, even if have never played Dungeon and Dragons before, you can appreciate the content because of the cast and guidance of ProJared.

If you are already a fan of the cast, you’ll only grow to love them more because you get to witness how they react to certain situations they normally wouldn’t. If you have never heard any of these people before, you’ll get a great sample of their content and personality.

The episodes are just enough that you can enjoy yourself without feeling like you’ll have to start and stop the same episode multiple times. Perfect for drives to and from work or while you are doing chores. Not to mention they have a great audio set up that is crisp and clear!

Would We Recommend It?

Yes! Playing these episodes will give you a proper taste of the kind of shenanigans that can happen with Dungeons and Dragons or other table top RPGs. It does not matter if you are a veteran player for D&D or this is your first experience, they walk a line that sits in between both. You might find yourself becoming glossy eyed over terms and ability explanations but the jokes hit hard and fast enough to hook you.

For more information, be sure to check it out them out at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrKdnnEMXFM&t=184s


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