Dungeons and Date Nights Episode 3: Quartz and the Curious Case of Spoopy Rooms

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Dungeons and Date Nights

The third episode of our new Dungeons and Dragons podcast called Dungeons and Date Nights is now available to listen! Join Darth Mexican and Alexia as they embark on an adventure of filled with unfortunate events.

Darth Mexican is the Dungeon Master while Alexia is brand new to the world of Dungeons and Dragons. She plays as Quartz, a once human rogue whose entire clan was destroyed by unknown assailants on her 12th birthday. In her dying breath a mysterious stranger came to her aid on the agreement that she would perform three favors in return. Seeing no other option, she agreed.

In return she found her life restored, she was given a companion named Q that is a dire spider, and was promised to have aid when she seeks her revenge on those who destroyed her people. Before her blood dried on the contract, her body changed into that of a tiefling. Her skin tone shifted from olive to that of a deep rich red, three thick jagged horns grew from her skull, her teeth sharpened, a tail grew, her eyes turned into a black orbs, and a copy of her agreement was seared into her right arm detailing the contract in a sub-script of infernal.

12 years have passed since that fateful night, Quartz and Q find themselves at the small fishing village of Lowdenhiem. There, for the first time since that night her mysterious stranger appeared and asked his first favor. Having no other choice, she traveled into town and accepted a quest to assist the local lord, Dumas.

Quartz and three other adventurers: A drunken monk named Iron Lion, Tybalt the over confident Paladin, and the reserved Lo arrived at Lord Dumas’ manor and agreed to safeguard his daughter for a single night while he and his staff travel to a nearby village on an emergency expedition. Only after a few hours of drinking and eating did they begin to experience odd encounters.

This is when Quartz gets separated from the group…

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Thank you again so much for checking out our content and supporting us as we produce more Dungeons and Date Nights! You can find these episodes on all major podcast apps! We are new to podcasting so please bear with us as we learn but we absolutely promise we will improve! If you’d like any assistance on playing or being a Dungeon Master, check out our articles!

Darth Mexican
Darth Mexican has been a geek since he first saw a lightsaber ignite. He has strong feelings on subbed anime. He strives to represent the stories of the common man and woman regardless of skin tone, age, sexual preference, or nationality. With every article he strives to bring representation to the voiceless. Unless he finds out they like dubbed anime.

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