Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying: Physical Treasure!

Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying: Physical Treasure!

Sometimes it can be tricky playing D&D on a budget. Minifigures can be expensive, along with scenery, maps and more. But there is another way to add a little roleplaying magic to your game without you spending too much gold. Physical treasure to hand over the table is a great way keep the role play interactive. For some players, speaking and acting as their character is a little embarrassing and this is another great way to keep the players engaged and off their phones! A good place to start is a flea market or boot sale, you never know what might turn up! For those of you close to my home in the South of England, I would whole heartedly recommend Snooper’s Paradise in The Laines in Brighton.

Luckily for me I’ve had a small obsession with all things magical since I was little and when I went searching for treasure I realised most of it was right here in my room. Have a quick look at what I collected and perhaps you’ll also discover you’ve been sitting in a gold mine!

1) Fairy dust!
Fairy dust is probably one of the easiest things to make and can be used in many different ways for you D&D game. Small vials can be found in many stores and then all you need is some glitter and a sticky label!

2) Power Rings!
Another item pretty easy to find! These rings can be as serious, or ridiculous looking as you like! A couple of these I already wear, and the others I had tucked away in a drawer! If you can’t find any at home there should be loads to find out and about…haribo anyone?

3) Gold!
For this one I was quite lucky but again, it should be easy enough to find about town! This bag came with a magic set for kids along with the gold coins. But you could always buy some pretend money for kids, or even make your own!

4) Dragon Eggs!
Okay so you might not have these in your house but they’re pretty cheap and so cool! These were ornamental eggs I collected when I was younger and stashed away in a box lined with tissue paper, gold strips and plastic jewels! But you could also get some plastic ones or use precious egg-shaped stones.

5) Potions!
This treasure might be accompanied by gems or other magical items but are probably one of the easier items once you have some cool bottles. Your players don’t need to know the potions are orange juice, Ribena and Cool-Aid they can be whatever you want! Perhaps even mix a few and have your players do a taste test!

6) Keys!
Old keys can be found in old antique stores or flea markets. Not to mention the ones lying around your house! I’d advise not using any keys that are still in use by you or the other players, lest they be eaten by a silly goblin…or stolen. Still, it’s very cool to majestically say, “You find a key…” and then hand it over!

7) Bracelets, Crowns and Necklaces!

These can also be ridiculous as you like, and if you’re players are still getting that +2 to an ability check they shouldn’t mind! If you wanted to get really specific, a flower crown could aid in nature checks, a necklace made of shells could increase speed in water and a flower clip… well you can’t find a dragon without looking fabulous right?

Luckily I found these runes hidden away in my room. The small plastic ones came from an astrology set and the card runes came from the magic box! Not always needed but a useful treasure nonetheless that can also be sold for gold and fairly easy to find in mystic shops.

9) More gold!
In case you couldn’t the find any pretend money why not use real money? That is, money no longer in circulation, or perhaps even foreign currency. Anything that glitters is gold!

10) Marbles, Shells and Stones!
Finally, marbles make great gems and whose to stay certain shells can’t be magical? Enchant them with whichever curse or blessing you see fit! Someone decided to take all the booty for themselves? What a shame he didn’t spot the cursed shell in his collection…
Or perhaps the only way the strange folk of Galore say thank you is through the bestowing of magical gems!

So future Dungeon Master, I hope by now you see that you are perhaps surrounded by treasure of untold value. I add finally that food and drink is a great way to keep your players excited ( pickled onion – I mean eyeball, anyone?) and enchanted scarves, hats and gloves that players MUST wear certainly add to the experience!
Happy Hunting!

-DM FreeplayFrenchie

Cover photo by laura-csajagi

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