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Feature: Keen Halloween


Feature: Keen Halloween

Ahhhh Halloween, it’s without a doubt my favorite event of the year. Most of the time when I walk down the streets with my Luchador mask, I get nothing but odd looks and comments. However, on Halloween it’s welcomed with open arms! You can understand my excitement for Keen Halloween held by the folks who give us Phoenix Comicon and Fan Fest! One of the best aspects was the fact that it took place in September that way con goers wouldn’t have to choose between attending both Fan Fest and Keen Halloween in the same month.

The location chosen for this was the South building for the Phoenix convention center, I always enjoy attending events held at that venue because of how much space is given and how clean they keep everything. There were two areas within the event which were the exhibitor hall and the panel rooms. The hall contained a ton of killer (See what I did there?) vendors ranging from Cult Classics AZ to artists and prop makers. Every where you turned there was something incredible to look that was drenched in the supernatural.

One of the really great activities held during Keen Halloween was a scavenger hunt that had participants roam the hall for pieces of the Vampire that was placed on various booths. The inner kid in me absolutely loved that and I searched high and low for every single one of those damned objects despite exceeding the time limit! Next year I hope they step up their scavenger hunt game and include more interaction. Ideally, I would love to take part in quests like having to find a vendor, answer a riddle they have to offer, then find objects, bring them somewhere and then awaken a vampire that we have to fight with objects we acquired. Although that might just be my inner monster hunter talking! (Like I said, I LOVE Halloween.)

The event was on a Saturday and Sunday and took place for a number of hours, allowing con goers easy access to all the horror they could handle. Not to mention that even thought there was a number of spooky vendors, it was still encouraged to bring little ones so the entire family could join in! I also wanted to mention my favorite aspect of conventions: Food. Their vendors offered some of my favorite treats that aren’t usually offered at other conventions!

All in all, I really enjoyed Keen Halloween. I will not review it because I literally spent under an hour the entire weekend at the event, not because I didn’t want to go but because I am drowning in work that weekend. Next year I plan on doing all the things for this event so I can get the full blown experience! If I had to give a grade from what I experienced and from what others told me, I would grade it a 80/100. I loved everything but there wasn’t, at least from what I saw, one aspect that blew my mind. Perhaps next year they could include a more adult area filled with true horror, although again they may have had this but I just didn’t see it.

I want to thank the staff at Keen Halloween for being so gracious to us! Although I didn’t get the full experience, my photographer loved it!

Photos by The Geek Lyfe and Deegan Marie Photography

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