Final Fantasy 14 Ranged DPS Review

Tanks, healers, and DPS are the game’s three fundamental roles. However, they might play differently from comparable titles in this genre. FFXIV employs the base skill damage (Potency) instead of the standard raw numbers on abilities, which will vary depending on buffs, debuffs, mobs, your character’s traits, and numerous other variables. It renders the game initially challenging for players of all skill levels. 

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In this article, we want to talk about the ranged DPC. All ranged physical DPS deal damage to all targets in front of them when using Limit Break. It is suitable for killing multiple mobs that are in a line but is rarely used on bosses. At the start of the game, Bard is available to you. Machinist is unlocked in Heavensward and Dancer is unlocked in Shadowbringers.


The bard uses a bow harp and all his sets are very “bardic”. Bard’s starting class is Archer. All the skills of the bard are tied to the ballads that he performs. Ballads give many buffs to themselves and their allies.

Bard’s damage is not the highest in the game, but he makes his whole team stronger. Song Gauge, Soul Voice Gauge, and Coda unlock new skills, buffs for the team, and some for the bard himself.

Bard has a Performance activity that allows you to play music outside of combat. This character also has a shield for the whole party and a wedge that removes one negative effect from himself or a selected ally.


This character in FF14 uses a gun to fight and summons the Automaton Queen robot for a couple of seconds. It is the most mobile profession in the game, the machinist has almost no skills with custom. Due to the huge number of OGCDs, the cooldown of which is reduced when using the Heat Gauge and Battery Gauge, the machinist’s gameplay requires high uptime, and buttons are pressed non-stop and at high speed.

This character has a shield for the whole team. Machinist is available in the Heavensward expansion and starts at level 30.


The dancer dances a lot (literally) in his airy robes and uses chakras. Any dancer is the best friend of any DPC. He chooses one battle partner with whom he will share his buffs. The buffs of the dancer are the best in the game and incredibly strengthen the partner. The damage of the dancer itself is not very large.

Fourfold Feathers and Espirit Gauge and Step Gauge show dance sequence, remaining buff time, and unlock additional skills. The dancer can heal his partner and himself once a minute. The dancer has a shield for the whole team. This character also has a dance that gives HP regen to everyone around.

The dancer becomes available in the Shadowbringers expansion and starts at level 60.

Black Mage

Black Mage (BLM) is the most iconic mage in the game. This character wears robes, and pointed hats, draws powers from black magic, and uses a long wand.

BLM starter class is Thaumaturge. It is the most difficult profession in the game. We sincerely do not recommend starting with this class for beginners, it can confuse and repel. BLM has a very high Potency on skills, so good base damage, but for this, you have to carefully understand his skills and not get confused in rotations. It is the most immobile profession in the game: a lot of long casts and rotations, and the personal buff BLM (Ley Lines) forces him to stand still or lose damage.

BLM is very dependent on its Elemental Gauge, which fills up when rotated. Any mistake and loss of Gauge mean starting the cast from scratch and overclocking the damage again. The gauge only lasts 15 seconds and needs to be constantly maintained.

BLM needs to know the fight well and think about his movements in advance, as well as constantly deal with mana management: all his rotations burn mana and include a certain number of skills, so knowing the cast is important. Any mistake threatens downtime and loss of damage. In unforeseen and emergency situations, you will have to look for a solution on the go.

BLM is very busy with his rotations and thinking about the fight, so he has nothing for his team, but for himself, he has a pretty solid shield with a cooldown of 120 seconds.


Summoner’s start class is Arcanist. It is the closest profession to lore: all his summons are tied to the main plot of FFXIV and other series of the franchise. Summons look nice, and spectacular and will blind your allies if they do not turn off other people’s animations. Also, the summons are very large and sometimes interfere with the view, but their size can be reduced with the “/petsize all small” command.

It is a very mobile profession, with most skills without casting. Trance Gauge shows which summon is ready to use and how much time it has left, and Aetherflow Gauge unlocks additional skills. Summoners can resurrect an ally. They also have a buff that increases damage by 3% to the whole team.

The summoner has a shield for himself. This character has a small heal, which is useful only at early levels, then you can safely remove it from the panel (at 50k HP it replenishes about 500 HP).


These are the fundamentals of DPS that a novice should be aware of in order to get more comfortable with the game. These are all incredibly fascinating professions, and each has distinctive qualities. One of the factors contributing to Final Fantasy 14’s popularity and ratings is the range of professions.

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