Five Shows to Binge During Self Isolation

We are all finding ourselves with a lot of free time lately. Although a lot of us are putting that time to good use by working on our passions, we all need to take a break eventually. That is why we gathered together five recommendations for you to check out! A majority of these shows can be found on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

The Expanse

The Expanse is a phenomenal series that is about a distant future where Earth, Mars, and a place called ‘The Belt’ are living in a time of cold war. While Earth has an abundance of resources, Mars and the Belters struggle to obtain water and air. During this time a woman goes missing under mysterious circumstances that force a group of misfits to work together in order to understand what is happening in their solar system.

The Expanse is a mind-blowing experience for anyone who enjoys a gritty sci-fi world! It currently has three seasons with the fourth one on its way. If you enjoy Battlestar Galactica, Event Horizon, and Bladerunner, this is up your alley!

The Last Kingdom

In a time before England is established, various kings reign over the land but all of that changes when the Danes arrive. Uhtred of Bebbanburg is a nobleman’s son that is raised by the Danes. Caught between two worlds he must use his wit in order not only survive but thrive.

The Last Kingdom is immensely enjoyable for those who appreciate history, knights, and Vikings. If you watched shows like Spartacus and Game of Thrones then you’ll have a blast.

Kim’s Convenience

Looking for a chill show that is all about good vibes? Kim’s Convenience is for you! The show focuses on a Korean family in Toronto, Canada that owns and operates a convenience store. The family tries their best to have good vibes while navigating owning a small business, having a dysfunctional family, and being minorities in their community.


Gentefied is very similar to Kim’s Convenience in the aspect of being a fun watch. Gentefied is about a dysfunctional family in East L.A. that owns a struggling Taco Shop. With every family member landing on difficult times, they are forced to adapt to their unique situations and watch as the world they knew shifts with it for better or worse.

This show is powerful because while it has a thick layer of comedy, it always showcases the uneasy truths that many Latinos face from losing touch with their heritage, homelessness, being undocumented, and so much more.

One Piece

NO, STOP. Don’t you even start with me. You know One Piece is one of the best anime series out there and you need to start watching it. Yes, it has a billion episodes but there is so much friendship, adventure, and laughs to be had that you will only benefit. Just hit play and start your journey.

If this is your first time hearing about One Piece, it focuses on Luffy who wants to find a long lost treasure called ‘One Piece’ and become the Pirate King. Along the way he gathers a crew of misfits that all have their own desires and haunting past. The world is filled of ocean, ships, and Devil Fruit that offers any one who consumes the fruit powers.


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