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Netflix’s Another Life is the Sci Fi Horror We Need Right Now

When I heard that Katee Sackhoff, who is famous in the geek community for playing Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica, would be the main character for a new Sci Fi I about lost my mind with excitement. Thankfully this new series called Another Life had just launched on Netflix and I dove right in. Little did I know that I was in for a Sci Fi Horror treat that I desperately needed! Astronaut Niko Brec...[Read More]

Stranger Things Season 3 Delivers Thrills and Chills

If there is one show that has captured my very heart and soul it has to be Netflix‘s Stranger Things! Wouldn’t you know it, they released their third season on none other than the fourth of July. Many fans waited on the edge of their seats in anticipation for this most recent season. Yes, partially out of excitement but also the concern that if the first two seasons were amazing, surel...[Read More]

After Underwhelming Release, BioWare vows to Improve ‘Anthem’

After so much hype and excitement, the BioWare video game, Anthem, caused many to be severely disappointed. Company general manager, Casey Hudson, wrote in a post where the beginning aspects have been challenging, to say the least. You can read their full post: Whew. How’s everyone doing out there? It’s been a wild ride these last few weeks. On the one hand it’s been a rougher launch than expected...[Read More]

Vader: A Star Wars Fan Theory Fan Series Gains 1 Million Views in 24 Hours

One of the biggest fandoms out there is without a doubt Star Wars. Their fans, us included, are so die hard for new content that sometimes it can cause incredible creations to spawn! This is exactly what happened with Star Wars Fan Theory as they debuted their new fan series: Vader. The first episode of the series, titled Shards of the Past, is live right now on their YouTube channel for fans to v...[Read More]

Wild Wild West Con is a Must for Arizona Geeks!(Review)

When you think of conventions, you can imagine florescent lights, hard concrete floors, a stale taste in the air and more. However, there is a convention that exists and is the exact opposite of the norm. It is Wild Wild West Con that takes place in Old Tucson, and a majority of the convention takes place outdoors on the lot of what was once old movie sets. The weather is cool, the skies are blue,...[Read More]

Annihilation: One of the Best Sci Fi Films in Years

I remember when I saw my very first science fiction film, Star Wars: A New Hope. There before my eyes flashed images of aliens, advanced technology, and extraordinary works of fiction. I was beside myself with awe and could not help but watch and re-watch the film to continue that experience of wonder. Since then a number of great science fiction films have come and gone. However, Annihilation has...[Read More]

(GIVEAWAY) Enter for a Chance to Win Tickets to Annihilation!

What is better than a science fiction film by the name of Annihilation featuring Natalie Portman as a biologist that agrees to take on the terrifying task of exploring a place foreign, exotic, and filled of danger? Getting to see it for free with a friend! Lena, a biologist and former soldier, joins a mission to uncover what happened to her husband inside Area X – a sinister and mysterious p...[Read More]

Maze Runner: The Death Cure Review! How Many Mazes Must They Run Through?!

Maze Runner: The Death Cure Review! How Many Mazes Must Be Run Through?! Maze Runner is one of many dystopian young adult novels that turned into films. It seemed like everyone and their mother were showing off that teen romance in the face is misery and woe. The unique aspect of Maze Runner was that the world had been overrun with a plague that wiped out a majority of humanity. With those who sti...[Read More]

Star Wars The Last Jedi Will Make You Feel Like A Youngling Again

Star Wars The Last Jedi Will Make You Feel Like A Youngling Again Star Wars has been one of, if not, the most incredible film franchises since it hit the big screen on May 25th, 1977 with A New Hope. Little did those actors know that they were a part of history as so many films, shows, comics, novels, and games have spawned from adventures taking place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. The...[Read More]

Blade Runner 2049 Is Fantastic In Every Way

Blade Runner 2049 Is Fantastic In Every Way When Blade Runner released in June 25th, 1982 it changed so many aspects of science fiction cinema with it’s dark tones, concepts and mysteries. It focused on a dystopian future where slave labor is carried out by replicants who are manufactured humans. After heavy investigation it is revealed who is a replicant and who is not, the entire journey i...[Read More]

Valerian, An Instant Cult Classic(Review)

Valerian, An Instant Cult Classic(Review) With the recent reboots of Star Wars and Star Trek, it is hard to come out with a film in the sci fi genre that would leave viewers in awe. Visually and creatively, Valerian walked into the summer blockbuster lineup and made its mark in the genre and I feel pretty confident that it’ll quickly become a cult classic for years to come. But does this mea...[Read More]

Review: Sublevel Zero Redux

Review: Sublevel Zero Redux Hey friends! I got the chance to play Sublevel Zero Redux recently and I could not believe how much fun it is! If you are not familiar with the game, it is a first person shooter that has you take command of a ship and fight to survive against other ships that are AI controlled. Initially, I didn’t think I would enjoy Sublevel Zero Redux because it looked a bit si...[Read More]

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