Game Grump’s Soviet Jump Game Is a Must Have for Gamers of the 80s and 90s!

When Game Grumps announced that they were getting into the industry of making video games, we were all slightly skeptical. However, when Dream Daddy launched, it blew our minds away and all we could do was beg and plead for more! That is why when I heard that they were coming out with a new game entitled Soviet Jump Game I just had to get my hands on it.

Thankfully we got Early Access for the review and dove right in!

Soviet Jump Game is a free to play pixel platformer where a huge mass of online players duke it out until one’s left standing. The game takes everything we love from retro classics like Super Mario Bros and pits players against each other in the popular battle royale format.

This is the second game from the multi-platform digital brand Game Grumps (who have amassed an amazing 7+ million followers online), with their first game, Dream Daddy, garnering tons of buzz and attention when it first launched in 2017.  

There is a lot to love in Soviet Jump Game, especially if you grew up with 16-bit games. The theme is Soviet Russia with a lot of tropes in regards to giant mustaches, references to hammers and pickles, and even some random Russian or Russian looking font. What makes the game even better is the number of parodies that can be found in the unlockable characters that look like iconic video game characters like Sonic and Mario. Not to mention the soundtrack is to die for as it is upbeat, unique, and yet nostalgic all at the same time!

As for gameplay, you are dropped into a lobby with 49 other players where you can practice using various items, you then select one of many pipes to travel through, you land in a section of the map, then try and survive as the dreaded and randomized spike wall kills anything in its path.

The above image is one you’ll absolutely see many times but thankfully getting back into a game takes moments. Not to mention that how you die is almost always comedic leaving you feeling hardly any ill will towards others. At this time there is no chat of any kind so griefing isn’t much of a thing, which is a huge plus. After the match ends you are brought to a ranking screen to see how you did compared to others and then have the chance to level up and earn some sweet loot.

Getting a new character or emote makes the game charming since there seems to be a vast amount of options for customizing your favorite character so that you’ll never quite be the exact same as another player. The only negative experience I had was that the game has a bit of a learning curve because there is just so much going on at once from the spike wall to respawns and then reading the mini map.

However, after around five matches, the general concept was clear but then came the depth of which items left most comfortable, which areas were easiest to navigate, what was the best method to escape a fight etc.

All in all Soviet Jump Game is a ton of fun that needs to be experienced by all! It is currently free on Steam so be sure to check it out and have tons of fun with friends!

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