How to Succeed at Start Playing Games

With the tabletop industry gaining popularity by being featured in major series such as Stranger Things and having gained a cult fan base around projects like Critical Role and The Adventure Zone, it comes as no surprise that a need for Professional Game Masters has spiked. A horde of players yearning to be taken on an incredible adventure of might and magic, so much so that they are willing to pay for it! It is almost as exciting as playing Razor Shark slot for free!

To assist in helping players find game masters, brands like Start Playing Games have been created. However, it can be intimidating to an aspiring professional game master to start their profile and wait for weeks without any clients. To assist, here are three pieces of advice on how to succeed at Start Playing Games!

Make your Profile Stand Out

Your profile is the first place players will check after finding a game that you offer. Within about 5 seconds they’ll make the decision that you are worth hiring or if you just don’t make the vibe check. That is why it is important to put your best foot forward and present the best aspects of yourself. Do you love horror? Difficult encounters? Introducing the game to new players? Be sure to add those points to your bio so that potential clients know. 

Offer Affordable Pricing to Farm Reviews

One of your strongest allies is your past reviews. These are written testimonials by your past clients that praise your skills and can easily influence the decision of players when comparing you to other game masters. However, it can be hard to attract clients if you have a low amount or even no reviews at all. 

To help ease clients in, you can offer very low-priced games or even free sessions with the request of a positive review if they enjoyed the session. That way players get a great experience for free and can help elevate their status in the community. After you accumulate a good amount of reviews, you can transition to paid games only. 

Create Content Ahead of Time then Recycle

After you attract a good amount of clients, you will find yourself writing and setting up multiple sessions that can eat into your creative energy and your free time. If you are blessed to get all of your sessions full, you can easily fall into the issue of confusing storylines or lacking assets for sessions.

To resolve these issues it is best to create 2-4 premade adventures and then run your clients through them for one-shots or mini-campaigns. A majority of clients will come for one-shots and leave after so it is easy to use the material to have memorized and can alter as needed to fit the desires of the clients. Then if a group wants to play again, you can rotate your content so that it offers them something new while still not requiring much effort on your part.  The only time this method does not work is when a group wants to stay and play for the long term. In these extraordinary situations, you’ll have to create additional content to accommodate their longevity. 

I hope these tips help you thrive in your journey as a professional Game Master! Always remember that there are plenty of players out there who would love to game with you! They just need to find you first! 

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