3 Reasons Why You Should Play Hunter the Reckoning

If you enjoy playing Vampire the Masquerade as a vampire who walks the path of night, using everything in their power to ascend the social ladder of their territory, then you’ll love to see what happens on the other side of the coin. In Hunter the Reckoning you play as normal humans who have discovered the reality that things truly do go bump in the night. However, instead of shrinking away from the danger, they seek it out for one reason or another. In this article, we’ll review 3 reasons why you should play Hunter the Reckoning.  This game is almost as fun as Mermaids Millions slot review!

The Danger is Immense

In Vampire the Masquerade, bullets, and knives mean little to you as those injuries can be easily healed. In Hunter the Reckoning, a bullet wound can mean life or death in some cases. When these humans face off against a werewolf or some other creature, the chances of their survival are slim. This elevated danger adds a whole layer of excitement to the game since every combat encounter could very well be the character’s last. 

Due to this reality, players must consider their actions far more carefully than normal and plan ahead of time with traps, flanking, and more. 

It is a more Intimate Experience

Although playing a vampire is fun, it is more difficult to relate to because it is so far from reality. However, as a Hunter, they eat, sleep, and have fears just like us. So when it comes to the roleplay experience it is more organic to relate to their feelings which makes playing the game that much more fun. 

Losses are great and victories are rare, yet when you succeed, you feel like you are on top of the world. 

Gameplay is Endless

Being a Hunter means having to face off against all sorts of enemies. One chronicle could focus on werewolves while another could feature Witches. Any malicious creatures of the occult are up for grabs in terms of featuring as enemies. 

Because of this, it opens the door for many exciting adventures for players to embark on because any terrifying folklore can be used as the antagonist for a campaign. Soon enough sessions will feel like episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural! 

I hope this list has helped showcase some of the great reasons why you should check out Hunter the Reckoning for your next game night! 

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