Impact of Globalization on Society in Modern Conditions

Impact of Globalization on Society in Modern Conditions

Globalization is a hot topic, and not only on TV, internet forums, and in news articles. Also, amongst academics, there is no silencing possible. The effects of globalization are discussed in college classrooms worldwide. More and more students are writing about globalization and its impact as a topic for their essays. The intellectuals of tomorrow are studying the impact on modern society now.

Now the entire planet is becoming Interdependent and on a whole new level. Globalization influences the world’s economies, cultures, and populations. Merged by exchanging goods and services, technology, flows of investment, people, and information. 

To keep it simple, globalization is, in essence economically driven. It all started with trade. It’s about doing business easier and more profitable. The effects on societies are not that simple. 

8 Impacts of globalization.

  1. Impact on Individuals. The unlimited exchange of goods on an international scale should decrease poverty and increase the general wealth. This assumption was based on goods and the cost of production. Cheaper material and lower production costs favor the import of finished products. Slight problem: The cost of labor wasn’t taken into consideration. That’s what affects individual workers.
  2. Impact on culture. Globalization absorbs traditional, local cultures. In the end, there won’t be much distinction left. A world culture will erase individuality. 
  3. Impact on work. Industrial revolutions affect both developed and developing parts of the world. New technologies replace manual work. People worldwide work in concepts that never existed before.
  4. Impact on education. This is an important one, worthy of an essay of its own. To keep it brief here, all we need to say is The Future. It’s open or in other words: The impact of globalization on our world to come is in the hands of the students and their inspiration. To fully grasp the gravity of this, essay writing services provide samples students use when molding their opinions. Good to have a closer look.
  5. Impact on communication. Businesses see opportunities, no matter how remote their new partners are. Distances become a virtual reality. They are no longer real.
  6. Impact on environment and nature. Increased exploitation of energy sources, increase in pollution, loss of biodiversity, forest loss, potential climatic changes are all alarming impacts. For mother nature, globalization brings nothing good.
  7. Impact on business management. The leaders run multinationals, spread across multiple time zones. Management teams are more specialized and active 24/7. New skills and flexibility drive a new business strategy.
  8. Impact on politics. Domestic politics need to expand by looking outside the borders. Different countries are trying to work together by accepting centralized leadership. The autonomy of each country decreases.

Is globalization a good phenomenon? Or should we worry? Many people criticize it, but can’t stop enjoying the new freedom of movement in a shrinking space. If you stay in a developed country, you will be safe. It’s a pity the majority doesn’t. Bad luck.

Does globalization have a(ny) clear positive impact?

Change can be a good thing, but not always. There are 2 important reasons to support globalization. But 3 very clear reasons to have nightmares about it… 


  • The world as a whole has become richer, economically and financially.
  • Multicultural communities arose, and that’s a good thing. Intolerance, racism and other expressions of discrimination should erode, theoretically. 


  • For the continuation of life, globalization is a killer. Environmental groups will agree. The impact on nature is devastating. 
  • Local communities, food, religion, traditional music, social rules will seize to exist.
  •  The goal of globalization will never be making the lives of minorities and poor people better. At best, this will be a side-effect.

Careful Conclusion

Globalization is an issue, a topic of importance that is open for discussion or debate. This means there is no clear determined positive or negative outcome. It’s undeniable that globalization changes our world totally. If that’s going to be beneficial for everyone, is highly unlikely. Where poorer communities are being used for the profit of rich communities, victims of “progress” will only multiply. Asian sweatshops are a good example of the dark side of globalization. Again, making life better for everyone is NOT the goal. 

The positive impact on economic growth is obvious, but will never benefit all citizens of the world. And globalization can only be good economically spoken. This is the original motivator. It has no other real goal. Most probably, and as usual, small people will keep paying the price. And nature.

Darth Mexican
Darth Mexican loves writing, his friends, and all things geeky. While there is so much trouble in the world, Darth aims to bring a bit of joy and good vibes to the table! He owns and operates The Geek Lyfe and is constantly coming up with new ideas that'll help the community!

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