Interview: Joshua Green aka Lvciferx

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Interview: Lvciferx

I want to inform you all of a fantastic artist that I had the pleasure of getting to meet and know by the name of Joshua Green aka Lvciferx! He is an artist that works mainly in comics but does dabble in manga fan fic such as Dragon Ball Z. There are many artists out in the world and every single one of them is extraordinary in their own way. The difference between Lvciferx and them is that Joshua  is fantastic in so many ways that it often surprises me just how down to earth he is.

#tbt of a fan comic I need to finish 😥

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I first met Lvciferx in Spring of 2016 at a small convention held on ASU’s West campus called Dev Con. I saw his great artwork and chatted with him casually about anime which lead to me standing there for hours going back on forth on every topic under the sun. We became fast friends and it was only after I went home that day did I do research to find how many incredible projects Joshua has worked on!


Mongor, Ma-Mutt, and Mumm Ra for #tbt!

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I knew I just had to interview him and I am so proud to be able to say that he sat down with me to answer a few of our humble questions! I can not stress how great of a person he is even beyond being an artist, Joshua just has such a vibrant spirit that is so humble and witty that he charms the room while never ever making anyone feel anything less than an equal. It is rare to find such people so when I do find them, I want to make damn sure to promote them and every single passion they have so it can grow!

I hope you enjoy!

I honestly can not recommend taking the time to check out Lvciferx’s artwork and social media pages when you get the chance! I promise you will not be disappointed! Facebook. Instagram. Twitter.

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