Interview with The Friendly Dungeon Master!

In our never ending quest to support independent content creators that are doing wonderful projects, we have a new interview! We recently came across The Friendly Dungeon Master after they began supporting us on our various social medias! Curious by their brand, we got to check out their recent collaboration with our friends over at Almost Heroic! Watch Waterdeep: Dragon Heist from fdmnomore on ww...[Read More]

Noir Caesar Is an Emerging Brand You Need to Check Out!

When it comes to anime, many of us think solely of Japanese animation, and for good reason, seeing as how it was started in Japan and naturally features their culture. Still, especially as a minority, there is such a disconnect because a majority of characters that come across the screen are Japanese. While many of us accept this as a fact of life and continue to consume the content from the indus...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Le Petit Fromage

Cover photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography Ladies and gentlemen, we have a fantastic cosplayer for you this week. Le Petit Fromage is an incredible cosplayer that is based in Arizona that specializes in armor based cosplays. She is truly a hidden gem; I am still in awe that her name isn’t more well known in our community! Her costumes are always top notch, from Brigitte from Overwatch to her...[Read More]

Saint Interviews Missy Suicide of the SuicideGirls about the Blackheart Burlesque

The SuicideGirls are a group of powerful women who highlight alternative beauty by showcasing their tattoos, piercings and more. Their efforts have made leaps and bounds of progress in the modeling industry as their sheer talent and hard work could not be denied. Over the years, they created a fantastic event called the Blackheart Burlesque that features a number of SuicideGirls who travel around ...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Hallelujah

You ever meet someone and say to yourself, “You know? This is a dope human being.” This was the exact response I had when I first met Halle aka Hallelujah earlier this year. We met at the Renaissance Faire here in Arizona, and over the course of just a few hours she quickly become one of my favorite people. I was glad to find that she had a passion for costuming like so many of our hom...[Read More]

Interview with Elena Kampouris of Sacred Lies

There are few things more fantastic than the tales of the Brothers Grimm. Many of us know and love the Disney takes on Snow White, Rapunzel, and more, but their origin stories are far more, well, grim than we realize. Those original stories are a heart pounding read and will send a cold chill down your spine. Thankfully, more of those tales are coming to light with modern series. One of which is S...[Read More]

Cosplay Handlers, the Real MVPs Vol 1

When it comes to the world of cosplay, it is so easy to get caught up in the sheer beauty of the costumes. Whether they be giant armor builds that take up entire hall ways or a hand sewn dress that took an incredible amount of time and skill in order to make, they are always a joy to see. Beyond the costume, many fall in love with cosplayers based upon their physical features and often support all...[Read More]

Cosplayers of the Week: Acey Mclacey and Lokitwin

Yes! You read that right, this week we are giving you not one but two fantastic cosplayers who hail from Arizona! They are Acey Mclacey and Lokitwin. We got to chat with them a bit at Phoenix Comic Fest on life, cosplay, and so much more. Enjoy! I always have the best of times when these two are around! Their passion for gaming, comics, and costuming is clear from the shine in their eyes and the a...[Read More]

Flash Interviews with Homies!

During Phoenix Comic Fest weekend we threw together a networking event by the name of Networking and Nakama. This was focused on introducing various members of the community to one another. Food was devoured, drinks were had, and karaoke was sung loud and proud. Everyone had a blast and during the night we set up various friends for an interview about themselves! These were flash interviews to giv...[Read More]

Schrei205 Interviews Glenn Rane (Warning: Fangirling Within)

World of Warcraft holds a special place in my heart for a huge variety of reasons. One of those reasons includes the incredible art that accompanies the game, from the illustrations, to the concepts, to the in-game scenery. The quality of Blizzard art has always been truly impressive, and I was so excited to hear that a long-time Blizzard artist, Glenn Rane, would be a guest at Phoenix Comic Fest ...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Lemon Bell Cosplay

Lemon Bell Cosplay has been our homie for years and is always fantastic to work with. Yet somehow, some way, we just barely interviewed her earlier this year at Anime Los Angeles 2018! Lemon Bell is a young costumer located in Arizona that has a burning passion for Star Wars, Anime, and a mess of other geeky fandoms. She always gives it her all when it comes to a new costume and shows off a ton of...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: KnowOne’s Designs

A couple of weeks ago we interviewed Frank and Nat’s Armory about themselves and their cosplay careers. We love them and all of the work they produce, and a lot of folks responded well to it! Well, I have great news, because this week we are bringing you an interview with KnowOne’s Designs who are the other half of the collaborative group called Horsemen Of! Enjoy! The Geek Lyfe: Altho...[Read More]

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