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On pins and needles

There is an overwhelming love for all things that go bump in the night and our homies over at On Pins and Needles are going above and beyond to share their affection with others! We got the chance to speak with Maggie, the owner of On Pins and Needles about the brand and their events!

On Pins and Needles hosts horror events year round. Our featured event is  F13: Survive Jason, which is a live action survival game. Inspired by the video game and similar to an escape room, the game combines the best of both worlds: solve one of three puzzles to escape while avoiding Jason, or die trying.  We run 3 games per night of 8 players each.   Players will receive a t-shirt based on whether they survive or die. Any survivors will receive a prize, which can be anything from some amazing artwork to autographs.

We also host horror themed photo shoots. This provides opportunities year round for cosplayers and horror fans to get scary any time of year.  My aim is to put together an album featuring local cosplayers and recreating famous horror movie scenes. We will be shooting at varied locations and the location will help dictate which films we focus on: for instance, a hotel shoot will feature scenes from The Shining, Misery, American Mary. A shoot at Scorpion Gulch will feature such films as Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre

As a huge fan of Dead By Daylight, I, as well as many, have thought about how it would be to have to survive the night against a terrible foe, let alone Jason! This is such a great marriage between horror theme parks and escape rooms where you get the sheer terror of some threat while also having an intimate experience with just a handful of other players.

I’m absolutely fascinated by concept and from the amount of Facebook comments, it seems like other people are as well! Their events are selling out wicked fast and for good reason! The response is overwhelmingly positive for their previous events!

For more information be sure to check out their Facebook page!

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