Lovecraft-Inspired Anime “NAKED PEAK – Climb the Mountains of Madness” Launches Pilot Episode

 NAKED PEAK – Climb the Mountains of Madnessthe perilous mountaineering anime created by Forest Limit LC and THINKR Co., Ltd, reaches new heights today with the release of the pilot episode on YouTube. 

The H.P. Lovecraft-inspired drama received the 2022 CAMPFIRE Crowdfunding Award in the “Animation and Manga” category for raising more than 1400% of its goal, netting more than $1 million USD (119 million Yen) from nearly 12,000 backers. 

Based on the Cthulhu-inspired tabletop RPG “Mountains of Madness”, NAKED PEAK brings the board game to life in an epic tale of exploration into uncharted territories. Production on the full-length movie continues, and behind-the-scenes footage will soon arrive on the MadaraUsi YouTube channel.

A flight to Antarctica turns into a frantic rescue mission after the plane mysteriously vanishes. Efforts to locate the missing passengers lead rescuers to discover the plane’s course set for a never-before-seen mountain range – the largest on Earth.

Towering over 10,000 feet above sea level, the Everest-eclipsing eighth wonder of the world (officially nicknamed the “Mountains of Madness”) draws attention from the world’s best climbers and thrill-seekers. Although they have conquered the tallest peaks in the past, Earth’s new vertigo-inducing heights are surpassed only by the dreadful horrors awaiting at the top.

The pilot episode of NAKED PEAK – Climb the Mountains of Madness is now available on YouTube, with the full length-movie now in production. For more information, please visit the NAKED PEAK official website, follow the MadaraUsi YouTube channel.

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  • Nikki_boagreis

    The Lovecraft inspired anime adaptation certainly sounds interesting enough, will certainly have to check into this.

    March 4, 2023
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