Cosplayer of the Week: Anna Lynn Cosplay

Hey friends! I hope you are all doing well! Today I have a wonderful interview with a fantastic human being, Anna Lynn Cosplay! Anna Lynn has been recommended by a number of our staff and fans alike! I got to meet her while our staff photographer, Chocozumo, was in the middle of a photo shoot with her. He asked me to hold some of his lights, and I am still so humbled to have helped out in such awe...[Read More]

Katsucon aka Partycon 2019

Katsucon has always been a dream convention of mine and when The Geek Lyfe gave me the opportunity to go, I couldn’t say no! Being from Canada, I haven’t experienced a really huge convention in the United States and I didn’t really know what to expect. Boy was I surprised! Location and Price Katsucon takes place in the D.C. metro area at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention ...[Read More]

To Be a Minority and to Be a Geek

To Be a Minority and to Be a Geek is to understand at a young age that people who look like you are rarely ever the hero. To Be a Minority and to Be a Geek is to cringe as your culture is misrepresented in a half hearted attempt to showcase diversity as the voice actors, artists, and writers don’t know your culture. To Be a Minority and to Be a Geek is to accept the fact that because a major...[Read More]

Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews Episode 2: Toy Story 4, New Marvel Movies, New Deadpool “Film?”

Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews is back, and this week we have a movie themed episode. That’s just the way this week happened. It makes sense, though. It was a holiday week, so what better way to get the word out and people talking about the next big movie? Let’s jump right in. Toy Story 4 While the original Toy Story 4 teaser has been out for nearly two weeks, it was just confirmed this week by Buz...[Read More]

Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews Episode 1: Stan Lee, Fallout 76, and Sony Leaving E3

The boys of Bytes N’ Brews are at it again. In addition to streaming multiple days a week on Twitch, we’re now getting together once a week to talk about the hottest topics in geek culture, and turning that into a quick video, dubbed Nerd News! Stan Lee In this inaugural episode of Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews, we are opening with something huge, the passing of a titan, someone near and dear to a...[Read More]

Heartless Aquarius Takes on RTX Austin 2018

Hey everyone, Heartless here! I’m excited to tell you guys about a new convention, well, new to me. I went to a whole new state to check out Rooster Teeth Expo aka RTX. What is Rooster Teeth Expo? Rooster Teeth Expo, commonly referred as RTX, is a convention started by the entertainment company Rooster Teeth that focuses on their series, products, gaming, and more. RTX occurs in Austin, Texas, Lon...[Read More]

DragonCon 2017: the Good, the Bad, and the Chair

DragonCon 2017: the Good, the Bad, and the Chair Written by Dela Doll Cosplay For five days, nerds of every color and creed swarmed every nook and cranny of downtown Atlanta…and it was epic in every sense of the word. DragonCon 2017 was my very first, and I found myself amazed in overwhelmed. I’ve heard for years that DragonCon was regarded as a “party con”, and discovered ...[Read More]

When Do We Stop Posting Memes and Start Participating In Marches?

I have wanted to write this article for some time but admittedly, I have been seized with fear of my peers thinking I am too sensitive or it wasn’t my place to talk about this. However, I feel as though this conversation is well overdue. During the 2016 campaigns for the presidency many people responded to very serious topics with memes or silly skits but I felt we, young adults who are now ...[Read More]

The Good, The Bad, and the Waifus: Anime Expo 2017 Review

  The Good, The Bad, and the Waifus: Anime Expo 2017 Review Last year was my first year attending Anime Expo and it was such a great experience that I could not wait for 2017’s event. If you are unfamiliar with  Unfortunately, a series of events that happened at another convention sparked changes in the convention community which resulted in a different experience for the average convention ...[Read More]

10 Ways To Ensure You Survive Summer Conventions

10 Ways To Ensure You Survive Summer Conventions Hello hello! My name is DeAngelo and I attend a number of conventions throughout the year. Many of them take place in a state that is known for its intense heat, Arizona. I, like many others in our state, defy the sun regularly due to the best conventions happening during this time. Phoenix Comicon, San Diego Comic Con, Colossal Con, Mega Con, E3, a...[Read More]


Feature: Art of Lisa Sikorski

Feature: Art of Lisa Sikorski Hello friends! Today I am going to introduce you to a super dope artist by the name of Lisa Sikorski aka Art of Lisa Sikorski! She specializes in painting with acrylics for the past 3 years and does incredible character drawings of many popular figures. You can find a good amount of her work for sale on her etsy shop! I have seen her at multiple conventions and her wo...[Read More]

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