Mead! Turkey Legs! Jousting! A 2018 Arizona Renaissance Festival Review!

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Mead! Turkey Legs! Jousting! A 2018 Arizona Renaissance Festival Review!

Arizona Renaissance Festival is one of the best events year round due to the fact that you get to live your fantasy of walking the realm surrounded by knights, elves, and wizards! Best part about it is that it is all socially acceptable! The festival takes place seven miles east of Apache Junction on US Highway 60. Depending on where you live, it can be quite the drive from freeway into a single road that comes to a crawl as fellow nerds filter into the event and find parking.

The price of the event can range from $26 at the door or $24 if you purchase your ticket from any Fry’s Food and Drugstore location. For that price you get access to a massive area dedicated to the aesthetic of medieval times with various fantasy influences. The grounds have 30 acres, 13 stages, a jousting tournament, and more! Entertainers of all kinds can be found walking the event to interact with guests in full character. From 10 am to 6pm it is a full blown experience jam packed with so many shops and performances that it is impossible to enjoy them all in a single visit.

This is my third time going to the Arizona Renaissance Festival and nothing much has changed in regards to the event. Not the price, shows, performers, and if things have changed, it has been so subtle that it has no real impact on the festival as a whole. Which isn’t a bad aspect since everything runs smooth, and why fix what isn’t broken? Even their parking procedure is rational and efficient!


Over these years I personally have changed however! When I walked through the festival gates I made the huge mistakes of not carrying cash, not drinking water, and attending while broke. So I offer these words of wisdom to all: Bring cash, drink tons of water, and go to the Arizona Renaissance Festival when you have the budget for it! While they do have ATMs on site, they tend to have long lines and even break down from time to time which can leave you stranded until you find vendors who not only have a card reader, but also a good enough internet connection to allow for a transaction. You should always be drowning yourself in water since we live in Arizona, regardless of clouds or cool breezes. There is no worse feeling than being dehydrated! The final piece of advice is to not be broke when you go to the festival because you’ll want to buy everything! Budget for at least $100 to cover the ticket, food, drink, and then a small trinket or two.

I had such a great time at this event and saw a ton of friends there having a blast during themed weekends such as Pirate and Celtic! It was a solid event just as it has been in the past years and will be in the years to come! For more information, check out their website at


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