Review: Medieval Collectibles – Helm of Awe Leather Arm Bracers

Being a life long geek, I, like many, fantasize about owning my own medieval gear. Swords, bracers, armor, and more were all I dreamed about growing up as I watched Lord of the Rings films and played Dungeons & Dragons! For a good long while I always thought that actually owning this equipment would be something unobtainable or if it existed, it would be far too expensive. Imagine my surprise when the fine folks at Medieval Collectibles reached out to me for a collaboration!

I got to check out their website and was blown away by how amazing their products were! They offer complete chainmail sets, archery equipment, and even garden decor. Whether you are interested in something fantasy inspired or more historical, they have what you need. Their prices are affordable and they often have sales! 

I personally received the Helm of Awe Leather Bracers and absolutely love them! They are study, easy to use, and feel great to wear. The design on the front is beautiful.


The Vikings used sigils to impart power and protection onto the warrior during battle. Follow their lead with the Helm of Awe Leather Arm Bracers. Made from 7/8 ounce leather, these bracers come in five colors as a set of two bracers. They have an embossed, crackled background. In the center of each bracer, there is a circle with the Helm of Awe sigil in the middle. A sigil is a Norse magical symbol. Surrounding the sigil near the edge of the circle are Norse runes.

Next, the bracers lace up in the back for securing onto the forearms. The end of the bracers near the wrists has a straight edge. The end near the elbow comes to a point. In addition, round rivets decorate the top and bottom edges. For the black, red, green, and blue color options, the riveting will be silver-toned, and the lacing will be black. The antique brown option gets antique brass-toned rivets with brown lacing. These Viking bracers are great for LARP battles, cosplay, and theater productions. – Medieval Collectibles

I now equip them anytime I play Dungeons & Dragons to add that extra bit of flair to showcase my casual cosplay while it also not being too cumbersome. I absolutely recommend Medieval Collectibles to anyone who is interested in buying their own gear! You can find out more information about Medieval Collectibles at their website for great deals, products, and even DIY kits for making your own leather armor pieces!

Be sure to support them and have fun shopping for fantastic products like these!

Have a great day everyone!

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