Of Misfits and Monsters: A D&D 5E Mini Series by Latinx in Gaming

What do you get when you bring together six beautiful, amazing, awesome creators for small campaign of Dungeons & Dragons? You get Of Misfits and Monsters! This is a mini-series I had the pleasure of Dungeon Mastering for Latinx in Gaming featuring a cast of Duralath, Cosplay and Beer, Jmagsplays, BewaretheSiren, MsYeseniac, and Booribop.


When the greatest and most wealthy noblemen and women are kidnapped by a vile and formidable Vampire Lord during a masquerade, it is up to the local town guard to rescue them. Dark magic, foul beasts, deadly traps, and more await these humble adventurers yet with the promise of a grand reward by the High King, they agree to venture into danger.

This will be a grimdark adventure focused on the most overlooked in the community having to overcome their own struggles in order to do the right thing. There will be gore, blood, suggestive themes, comedy, and more!


Episode 1

Episode 2

Be sure to stay tuned for the next three episodes!

Shout out to Latinx In Gaming for giving us this opportunity!


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