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Pokemon Go Tips

Pokemon Go Tips

In the small amount of time that Pokemon Go has been out, it has swept the world in a Pokemon craze. People of all different ages are coming out of their homes to catch their favorite Pokemon out in the real world. While the game is incredible, their tutorial is a bit lack luster. The Pokemon Go community has really come together and provided a ton of information to help players get the best experience on their journey to become the best like no one ever was!

1. Embrace The Horde

One of the first things you’ll notice in Pokemon Go, much like Red Version and Blue Version is that Zubats, Pidgey, and Rattatas are everywhere. Although the more exotic Pokemon like Magmar or Mimic might be appealing, you should catch every single Pokemon you come across if possible.

You obviously get the 100Exp for catching it, there is a chance for additional Exp if you get a better throw than normal. Even better, you get the candy from capturing Pokemon and with enough candy you can evolve Pokemon. Each evolution produces around 400-500 Exp and Pidgey’s evolution only costs 12 Candy so every 4 Pidgeys equals an evolution. This will help you level wicked fast if you have the Pokeballs to spare.

2. Use Google Maps Offline And Save Data

The two major flaws of Pokemon Go is the fact you need to use data and it kills your battery. Currently there aren’t too many good work arounds for the latter other than simply hooking your phone up to a portable charger. However for saving data, the best way you can do this is by going into your Google Maps, go to Settings, select Google Maps Offline, and then download the area you are going to hunt in.

By downloading the local map, Google Maps will default to using the offline map as long as it’s up to date. As long as you stay in that area, it’ll drastically cut down on the data useage. You’ll need to keep internet access on because Pokemon Go still needs to communicate with the servers but Pokemon Go hardly uses any data.

3. Pokemon Gyms

Most of the time, you’ll be out and about catching Pokemon and never have to worry about combat. When you enter a gym, this is when most players get a crash course in combat. Here is what I learned after getting wrecked over and over again.

A. To use your basic attack, tap the screen. Unfortunately the faster you attack, the more damage per second you produce.

B. When the blue bars under your health fills, hold down and release to use your special attack.This does more damage than your basic and packs quite a punch.

C. Swipe left or right to dodge incoming attacks. Although you can dodge as much as you’d like, this is best used to avoid taking enemy special attacks. You could also use it to inflict Damage Over Time with poison attacks while minimizes the incoming damage.

D. After you defeat the gym leader, the gym will become ‘Open’ and you have to manually assign a Pokemon to stay and represent you.


E. If the gym is under the control of your faction, you can have your Pokemon battle theirs and train. You’ll get experience and it will increase the prestige of the gym which will increase the amount of Pokemon that can stay there.

F. If you have a Pokemon in the gym, you can collect in game currency by going to the in game shop. I believe it’s 10 coins per Pokemon you have in a gym.

4. Reports have come in that the legendary birds are in the game. Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Go and catch them all.

5. In Pokemon Go there are in game items you can get that will help attract Pokemon to you. One item is the Incense and the other is the Lure Module. The difference between the two is that the Lure Module will affect all players nearby but requires a PokeStop. The Incense only affects you but you must walk around the world in order to attract Pokemon. It should also be noted that Lure Modules spawn new Pokemon while Incense helps attract Pokemon already in the area.

6. The most efficient places to farm Pokemon are in between multiple PokeStops that have lures activated. Just look at this image. Xq2lDoR

7. If you are looking to hatch Pokemon eggs to snag those more exotic Pokemon then you are going to have to walk a ton. Unfortunately, you must have the app open in order for your steps to count. Not only that but you have to travel under 12 miles an hour, otherwise it’ll assume you are driving and not give you the steps. Alternative methods for this is driving at a slow pace or parking after short distances. If you want to beat the system, you can attach your phone to a ceiling fan, to your dog, a record player, or anything else that is capable of movement!

Obviously the game is most fun when you travel out in the world but for those who live in bad neighborhoods and can not walk the streets at night, this is a great solution!

8. Pokemon Go is region based, so you’ll only find a select few Pokemon in certain areas. Being located in Arizona, we have an overflow of rock and fire type creatures. We can only find water type Pokemon in canals and ponds while California gamers can find a ton at the beach. Keep this in mind when you are hunting for your favorite Pokemon!

9. Each paw print is around 100 meters. Rumors are going around that there is a way to locate the direction of a Pokemon you are tracking but so far our testing has failed to produce results. However, if you see grass rustling on the screen, it means there is a Pokemon in that area.

10. Reports have come in that if you name your Eevee after ‘Rainer, Sparky, or Pyro’ and it will evolve into the Pokemon associated with the brother from the beloved TV show.

BONUS: Team Instinct is the best.

I hope these tips help you on your journey of being a Pokemon Master! 😀 If you have any other tips, feel free and leave them in the comments below!

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