Review: The Geek Lyfe Rides a 2018 Hyundai Sonata SEL to Anime Expo!

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Hyundai Sonata

Anime Expo is the nation’s largest anime convention and is very near and dear to my heart. Every single year, I look forward to traveling from Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles, California for a weekend filled with

anime, cosplay, and breaking news! Not to mention I can always count on meeting wonderful people whether they are old friends or new homies!

This year we were blessed by the car gods above as Hyundai provided us their 2018 Sonata SEL for the trip! Being completely honest, I have next to no knowledge about cars in the slightest, but what I did know for a fact is that I loved this car. First and foremost, I have to mention the 35 miles per gallon the Sonata had. Not having to worry in the slightest about gas was fantastic, and while on the road I was comforted to find the various safety features that came along with the vehicle.

Blind Spot Detection (BSD) with Rear Cross-traffic Alert and Lane Change Assist helped tremendously to make me more aware of my surroundings and legitimately saved me twice during the trip when I did not see another driver that had entered my blind spot. Of course, the back up camera saved me the embarrassment of any mishaps while backing out. Admittedly when we found out that we were going to get the Sonata, we were afraid that space was going to be an issue for both our luggage and personal space. In reality we fit all of our gear in the trunk and had plenty of leg room for everyone involved!

That is saying something as well as we had two cosplayers, Game2Hype and Amberskies, who brought their costumes in addition to their regular clothes, and on top of that we had Deegan and I who brought photography and recording equipment! (Also quick shout out to Schrei205 and Cheshsmiles for being homies and helping out all weekend!) All of that fit into the Hyundai Sonata and we were all blown away by this! The interior was comfortable and so inviting that it was easy for the others to fall asleep on the ride!

The trip itself was a blast as we devoured Taco bell, stopped to check out dinosaur buildings, and played all of our favorite music! I can not even begin to tell you how incredible it was to watch Amberskies and Game2hype sing along to the Hamilton soundtrack. On the way back, we faced the infamous monsoon storms of Arizona that involves downed power lines, fallen trees, and a blackout that rendered a huge area without power. Had I any other vehicle, I would have been stressed out of my mind, but I already felt great in the Sonata and sure enough it pulled through in every single way.

All in all, I loved the 2018 Hyundai Sonata and appreciate Hyundai so much for lending us this vehicle! It lifted so many concerns from my mind and was nothing short of a blessing! For more information on the Hyundai Sonata, be sure to check out HyundaiUSA! Also be sure to check out our review and interview from Anime Expo!

Darth Mexican
Darth Mexican has been a geek since he first saw a lightsaber ignite. He has strong feelings on subbed anime. He strives to represent the stories of the common man and woman regardless of skin tone, age, sexual preference, or nationality. With every article he strives to bring representation to the voiceless. Unless he finds out they like dubbed anime.

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