Vehicle Review

Tesla Model 3 First Drive

Having spent five days with Tesla’s new mainstream all electric vehicle, the Tesla Model 3, I’m overwhelmingly impressed. With a starting price of $35,000, or at least eventually starting at that price, this should bring a relatively affordable, all electric, long range automobile to market. Currently, only the higher priced premium trims are available to purchase. Elon Musk allegedly ...[Read More]

Review: The Geek Lyfe Rides a 2018 Hyundai Sonata SEL to Anime Expo!

Anime Expo is the nation’s largest anime convention and is very near and dear to my heart. Every single year, I look forward to traveling from Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles, California for a weekend filled with anime, cosplay, and breaking news! Not to mention I can always count on meeting wonderful people whether they are old friends or new homies! This year we were blessed by the car god...[Read More]

We Got to Experience the Kia Stinger and It Was Rad

Good day, friends! Darth Mexican here and I got to attend Kia’s Stinger Experience and wanted to share what I went through! First off, I wanted to let you know that I received monetary compensation from Kia to promote the Kia Stinger. However, this Stinger Experience was such a great event that even if I was not paid, I would have loved this event! Let’s get into it! You may have seen ...[Read More]

The Journey to Wonder Con in the 2018 Toyota Rav4 Adventure!

Hey everyone, Deegan Marie here! I want to start this off by giving a HUGE thank you to Toyota USA for helping our team get to Wondercon this year! They blessed us and lent us a brand new 2018 Rav4 Adventure for the weekend we traveled to and from Wonder Con with our friends Cheshsmiles, Pretend Princess, and Game2hype!   Our trek started in Mesa, Arizona and ended in Anaheim, California. Wit...[Read More]

The 2018 Outlander Sport Drove Like a Dream!

This year we traveled to Anime Los Angeles 2018 in the 2018 Outlander Sport and it was a delight. If you have never heard of Anime Los Angeles, it is one of our favorite conventions in North America that focuses on celebrating the fandom of Anime and Japanese culture. The journey was from Phoenix, Arizona to Ontario, California and with 28 MPG it didn’t cost much despite being 600+ miles. Th...[Read More]

Can We Talk About How Incredible the 2017 Mazda 6 Grand Touring Is?

Can We Talk About How Incredible the 2017 Mazda 6 Grand Touring Is? We recently attended a local convention by the name of Taiyou Con that focused on celebrating the fandom that is Anime. During that weekend we had the opportunity to drive the 2017 Mazda 6 Grand Touring and dear lord was that car incredible! I have always known that Mazda produces quality vehicles but I never knew just how great t...[Read More]

2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Promo and Imperial Outpost/Drawn To Comics Adventure!

2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Promo and Imperial Outpost/Drawn To Comics Adventure! Gather around everyone, I have a tale to tell! In 2018 I was encouraged by friends to attend Blizzcon! Both excited and terrified I knew I would need a car to take me from Phoenix, Arizona to Anaheim, California. That is when the fine folks over at Mitsubishi offered me their 2018 Outlander to use! Unfortunately, I am ...[Read More]

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