Settle Application: Benefits and Drawbacks

Settle Application: Benefits and Drawbacks

Settle is a digital payment platform that allows you to make fast and easy payments using a mobile phone app. It was developed by Auka, a successful Norwegian fintech company. Auka’s amazing mobile payments app first wowed the Scandinavian countries, but now Settle is spreading all over Europe. The popularity of the app lies in its simplicity and a great number of online marketplaces where you can use it, including online casinos that accept Settle. 

In this overview, we will present to you all you need to know before signing up to Settle and eventually using it for gambling in online casinos.

Benefits of Settle App


  • Available in Google Play and the App Store. Settle is a tiny mobile app with very powerful features. Standing at just a couple of megabytes, you can download and install it either on Android or iOS devices. The setup process is very simple and it’s very convenient to have a small banking processor on your phone in comparison to giant banking apps that take all the memory from your phone.
  • Instant transfers. Settle allows you to transfer and receive funds instantly, either to and from other users or online marketplaces. This is the way you can also make a deposit in an online casino with Settle.
  • No credit card numbers. If you’re worried about sharing your card details online with some sneaky sources like online casinos or betting sites, Settle has got you covered. They used some features of mobile billing networks that pushed the technology and now you can deposit by Boku payment casino in 2019 just with phone credit top-up. Using the app, you will have the opportunity to make instant transactions using a simple form. You won’t have to provide a credit card number at all. 

Drawbacks of Settle 

  • It’s young. Even though Auka, Settle’s developer, is already experienced in the financial technology sector, the fact is that Settle is still quite young, which means that its drawbacks will only start showing with time.  Also, no matter how new mobile payment apps are skyrocketing in popularity, there is still a huge portion of users that would rather use and old, tried-out method. 
  • It’s not widely available yet.  Settle is currently available only in some European countries, but the coverage is expected to increase quickly. Settle should soon have all European countries integrated in its network. This is not only a question of whether you as a citizen can use the app, but whether your merchant or seller can. This small availability means that there aren’t that many merchants out there that will let you pay them with Settle. 
  • Not many gambling operators accept Settle.  Speaking of low availability, it’s worth mentioning that there is only a handful of casinos where you can see Settle offered as a payment option. Of course, the number of Settle casinos is expected to increase as the service expands its coverage. 


All in all, Settle seems like a very promising payment app which has the potential of changing the whole mobile payments game. However, it’s still too soon to tell – maybe it will be a flop or it will be the next PayPal. Until then, try playing at some of the Settle online casinos and simply have a good time!

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