Sharing Your Gaming Content Online

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The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has implemented all sorts of changes in our lives. Whether that’s in regards to your health, your loved ones’ health, your career, your social life or anything else. For now, let’s focus on how the pandemic might have impacted your career and social life. Government guidelines put into place to slow the spread of the virus have encouraged us to stay home as much as possible. Some of us have lost work because our workplaces have been unable to open. On top of this, many of us have been unable to go out and do the activities we usually enjoy with friends and family. Now, you may have been using this extra time that you’ve had on your hands to engage with hobbies that you can carry out from your own home. Gaming has boosted in popularity because of this. Not only has it given people something fun to do without breaking rules and guidelines, but it has also added a social element back into our lives through being able to talk to others through the games. Some of us have even gone as far as wanting to turn this into a career, realising that others are interested in our gaming and want to learn more about our thoughts on games and new releases. Now, by sharing your gaming content online, you could turn your gaming into a career, becoming somewhat of an influencer or raising your exposure to be able to compete in Esports. Alternatively, you may simply want to share your content online as a hobby and something you enjoy in your spare time. Either way, here are a few options that you might want to consider to fulfill these goals!

Choose Your Platforms

First, you’re going to need to choose your platforms that you want to share your gaming content on. If you’re into taking photos and writing captions, Instagram could be a good option. Here you can curate your own feed filled with content revolving around your favourite games. Another option, if you prefer to write longer form text, is a blog. Here you can share more lengthy reviews and opinion pieces and others can share your posts or engage in the comments. If you want to live stream your games, you can use a platform like Twitch. This is a platform that focuses on game live streaming and where others can tune in to watch and listen to you as you play your game. Finally, you might want to do uploads to Youtube – pre recorded content where you can analyse games or simply play and show others what you’re doing.

Create Your Content

Once you’ve chosen your platform and created an account, it’s time to start focusing on your content. How you go about this will depend entirely on the platform you use. As you gain a following, you may want to make your content more professional looking. This is where a little investment can go a long way. If you’re creating Instagram content, a quality camera can come in useful. Often, smartphone cameras can be sufficient though. You can learn skills like how to add music to instagram post for extra effect. If you’re live streaming, a good headset and video camera tends to be beneficial. If you’re filming Youtube videos, high quality video equipment and mics can create better quality videos.

Keeping On Top of Your Content

Of course, when you’ve gained a following, it’s important to keep on top of your content in order to keep them engaged. This means a regular posting or upload schedule. Try to stick to posting or live streaming at the same time each week. This will allow your followers to get into a routine, knowing when to check your platform or when to tune in. You should also try to be as consistent as possible within your content. Straying from gaming can cause people to unfollow. Use another, personal account or platform to go into other topics and subject areas. This keeps your feed specialised.

Of course, the amount of time and effort you put into your shared gaming content should depend entirely on what you want to come from it. If you want to make a career out of it, or to become a well known name in the field, you’ll have to commit to it like it’s a job. If you’re more casual and just want to share some things you’re interested in with family and friends, infrequent and casual updates are absolutely fine!

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