Stranger Things Season 3 Delivers Thrills and Chills

If there is one show that has captured my very heart and soul it has to be Netflix‘s Stranger Things! Wouldn’t you know it, they released their third season on none other than the fourth of July. Many fans waited on the edge of their seats in anticipation for this most recent season. Yes, partially out of excitement but also the concern that if the first two seasons were amazing, surely the series must be starting to lose steam, right?


Season three of Stranger Things pulls no punches as they deliver thrills and chills for viewers! The synopsis is that the small town of Hawkins and our little heroes are growing older. With that age some of them are experiencing romance and others are going through life after high school. All is well and good save for the fact that folks are noticing such odd incidents from feral rats to magnets falling off the fridge. As these issues become more and more apparent, the group decides to take action.

The Good

The soundtrack for season 3 is on point giving off that mid to late 80s vibes. The clothing, pop culture, word usage and more continues to capture the best of times and worst of times. The action is intense and actually increased from previous seasons showcasing just how much more dangerous their situation has become.

There is a healthy amount of sexual identity within this season as some characters out right admit to being gay while others hint heavily to being asexual. With these admissions or even suspicions, their characters must react to such knowledge and you can tell they both included the thought process of the era along with their own personal beliefs. This was a great move on the part of the writers as learning about sexual identities is an unexpected part of growing up.

The character development is strong in Season 3 as characters explore their emotions as the strongest characters tap into their vulnerable side while the softest characters find the courage to keep going. What I love about Stranger Things is the amount of depth we can expect from characters. While Billy is one of the antagonists of Season 3, he also became one of my favorites because of his growth. We got to watch him struggle with his inner demons and understand how he become who he is.

Another great aspect about this season of Stranger Things is Alexei. You don’t know anything about this man right now but I swear to everything on this Earth that he’ll become someone you love and adore. He is a Russian scientist and that is all I am going to say about that.

The Not So Good

We still have a lot of unanswered questions from last season that were never addressed from Eight who is still out there somewhere. There is also a good deal of ignorance from the town of Hawkins as multiple people die every season but folks have yet to bat an eye. Granted this time around the stakes were far higher than ever before which could make for a more panicked season 4 but only time with tell

All in all, this season of Stranger Things was great! We laughed, we cried, we were biting our eyes and at the end of it all we can not wait for Season 4!

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