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Game Review: Mystic Vale – Just Another Deckbuilder

  Mystic Vale is a deck building card game much akin to the likes of Hearthstone and MTG (Magic the Gathering). Though unfortunately, doesn’t meet what most consider the base line for engaging deck building games – at least online. Right from start, going through the tutorial I was left with more questions than answers. It felt more like reading a manual than learning how to play ...[Read More]

Review: Elder Sign

On a dark and gloomy, monsoon season of a Saturday night, my girlfriend and I found ourselves rather bored from our video games, burnt out on painting Warhammer 40k miniatures and sick of having movie marathons. Naturally, this led us to our favorite gaming store Imperial Outpost to assist in finding a game to entertain us. Browsing their vast selection of war games, role playing games, card games...[Read More]

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