Indie Game Creator of DARQ Rejected 12 Offers from Publishers to Make the Game How He Wanted

As artists we tend to dream of the day where we create something so worth while that it will be sought after by huge companies. Many of us believe that this is the victory and end goal but in reality, working with companies can cause the original vision of the project to become diluted. This is the same concern that DARQ Creator had and he went to Imgur to tell his tale. Before we get into his jou...[Read More]

Dungeons and Date Nights Holiday Special!

You don’t need to lie to me. I know what you want. You want an hour and forty minutes of Dungeons and Date Nights with holiday flavoring. I got what you need. What is that? You don’t know what Dungeons and Date Nights is? Well, let me drop some knowledge on you. Dungeons and Date Nights is a series by The Geek Lyfe, where DeAngelo Murillo (aka Darth Mexican) and Alexia Berryhill (aka T...[Read More]

The S.A.L.E.M. Series is Coming Soon from the Brilliant Mind of Sincerely Sam!

Sincerely Sam is a dear friend of ours and one of the most talented content creators in the industry! She has her hands in art, web comics, books, jewelry, and so much more! On top of handling all of that she always makes time to hang out with us and support our events. Most recently, she was part of one of our Charity events! That is why we are so excited to tell you about her upcoming project ca...[Read More]

Music Lyfe: Interview with No Refills

Many of you readers know and love our staff member, Saint! If you didn’t know, she is a talented musician who plays in various bands. One of those bands which goes by the name of No Refills is going on tour April 19th-26th spanning from California to Arizona! We decided to check up with them and interview them on their music and themselves while getting a drink and great meal at The Grand! N...[Read More]

New Shirt: BITCH I’M SUGOI Now Available!

New Shirt: BITCH I’M SUGOI Now Available! If you have ever watched anime with English subtitles and Japanese dubs, chances are the word ‘Sugoi’ has been mentioned. Typically characters use this word to refer to objects or events that they deem are amazing or awe inspiring. What is more awe inspiring or amazing than yourself? That is right, nothing! That is why we made our BITCH, ...[Read More]

Dope Artists To Support On Small Business Saturday

Dope Artists To Support on Small Business Saturday We all know the craze that is Black Friday in America, big box stores lower their prices below the MSRP and it causes consumers to go wild in an attempt to get their favorite items at a huge discount. However, there is such a focus on big box stores that often times the indie shops, the ones ran by ma and pops or young entrepreneurs that go untouc...[Read More]

Ladybird Was So Good! (Review)

Ladybird Was So Good! (Review) When the screening for Ladybird came up, I knew absolutely nothing about it or it’s director Greta Gerwig. Minutes into the film I was captivated by the film, characters, plot, and when it ended I had to sit for a moment and take it all in. This was a fucking dope film. Let’s jump into why this film was so so good! Plot Ladybird is a film that takes place...[Read More]

Review/Giveaway: Archaica The Path of Light

Review: Archaica The Path of Light Ah puzzle games, the perfect combination of zoning out and racking your brain. It’d been a while since I’d had a good puzzle game that could strike a balance between being challenging and able to hold my attention without being frustratingly difficult. I enjoy a nice challenge that’s within reason, and TwoMammoths walks that line like a champ wi...[Read More]

Interview: Soul Purpose Designs

Interview: Soul Purpose Designs So today I have some really cool folks to show you! They are the owners of Soul Purpose Designs and they focus on creating incredible clothing, some of which are inspired by geeky themes while all of them have a heavy influence of hip hop. Admittedly, I had no idea who they were until they reached out to me but I am so glad they did because they have some pretty dop...[Read More]

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Astroneer- The Space Game You Want

Astroneer- The Space Game You Want With the disappointment of No Man’s Sky, I was very wary of any space games that proclaimed fun exploration and space creation. So when I started Astroneer, I was hesitant to get too excited. But let me say this: Astroneer is the No Man’s Sky we all wanted. It filled the black hole in my heart (pun intended) that No Man’s Sky left behind. Althou...[Read More]

Stardew Valley Impressions

  Stardew Valley Impressions I have an admission to make. I never understood the appeal of Harvest Moon. Never understood the draw of a game where you farm all day. It’s more akin to a monotony simulator to me. Honestly, there’s been times where I wish I got it. I like the simplistic pixel graphics..I’ve WANTED to understand the appeal, but it just won’t speak to me. So, of course, I bought S...[Read More]

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