Madam Geek

Madam Geek: Crafts And Cosplay

Madam Geek: Crafts And Cosplay For this week’s The Geek Lyfe member spotlight, we focus on none other than Madam Geek! After I, Darth Mexican, added Spocktopus to the party things went really well for a while until both of us found ourselves rather exhausted from all the comments, messages, articles, and so much more. So! We searched for our third member and came across Madam Geek who was or...[Read More]

Embrace Your Geekiness: Tales of a Geek

In celebration of Embrace Your Geekiness day, a few Geek Lyfe writers took time out of their busy video game schedule to write about their favorite geeky moments! Spocktopus Hello everyone and a happy Embrace Your Geek Day to you! 😀For my geeky moment I’d like to share with you the tale of my very first Star Trek convention! Suprsingly I am a fairly new Trekkie (lol)! I had been raised aroun...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe Podcast Episode 2: Heroes of the Storm

  The Geek Lyfe Podcast Episode 2: Heroes of the Storm This week Darth Mexican drags Madam Geek into this podcast to talk shop about MOBAs! More specifically Heroes of the Storm! Check out the opinion of someone who whores them self out to all MOBAs(Darth Mexican) and someone who just learned that running into 4 enemy heroes with no mana and no health of her own is a terrible idea. We’r...[Read More]

Madam Geek Recommends: Game Grumps

Madam Geek Recommends: Game Grumps Whether you’re Grump or not so Grump, this YouTube channel can brighten your day. The Game Grumps crew has the ability take nearly any game and make it entertaining. I have fallen victim to occasionally laughing until I cry or quoting episodes in casual conversation. Finding myself humming the Banana Shoes remix is a common occurrence as well. These charmin...[Read More]

Review: Elder Sign

On a dark and gloomy, monsoon season of a Saturday night, my girlfriend and I found ourselves rather bored from our video games, burnt out on painting Warhammer 40k miniatures and sick of having movie marathons. Naturally, this led us to our favorite gaming store Imperial Outpost to assist in finding a game to entertain us. Browsing their vast selection of war games, role playing games, card games...[Read More]

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