David Tennant

Warhammer and Doctor Who? We Can Not Resist Warhammer Adventures: The Audiobooks

Warhammer by Games Workshop is known for its grim, dark, fantastic worlds where death is usually the best thing that can happen to a person. I never would have guessed there would be content available to children, but here we are! This is not just for Warhammer 40,000 or Age or Sigmar; it’s for both! In February 2019, younger readers will be able to explore the worlds of Warhammer in a new w...[Read More]

Doctor Who To Leave Netflix Feb 1st

Doctor Who set to leave Netflix Feb 1st “Redshirt, oh wise and glorious Redshirt….the Geek Lyfe needs you.” Darth Mexican said to me on that cold winter night. I could tell it was important for he forgot his traditional sacrificial pile of gold and Dr.Pepper. But I could tell from the desperate look in his eyes this was serious. I adjusted my glasses, the light reflecting off the...[Read More]

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