Redshirt Interviews: Great Minds Think Geek

Redshirt Interviews: Great Minds Think Geek Tabletop gaming will always have a special place in my heart. As much as I love a good video game, nothing quite replicates sitting down with a bunch of friends over a table adorned with one of the glorious tabletop games I’ve grown to love: From Munchkin to one of my personal favorites Arkham Horror, tabletop gaming has that certain something for anyone...[Read More]

Thinking Outside the D&D Box

Thinking Outside the D&D Box The ground shook as it split in two. The growing chasm pried apart in a wicked grin splitting the group apart…making way for the Abomination resting beneath. Taldan the wizard stumbled, nearly falling to the ground as a large tendril rose from the split in the earth seeking purchase. Taldan’s eyes narrowed as he gripped his staff, his whitening knuckles betraying h...[Read More]

The Jungle Book Review

The Jungle Book “Forget about your worries and your strife”   Movies have slowly become a family tradition for me: I have a lot of fond memories driving up to the local Harkins with my Mom and Brother and seeing more movies than I can remember during my 27 years (bloody hell I’m getting old.) This tradition has introduced me to some truly crappy movies (I’m looking at you The Fifth Wave) and some ...[Read More]

Doctor Who To Leave Netflix Feb 1st

Doctor Who set to leave Netflix Feb 1st “Redshirt, oh wise and glorious Redshirt….the Geek Lyfe needs you.” Darth Mexican said to me on that cold winter night. I could tell it was important for he forgot his traditional sacrificial pile of gold and Dr.Pepper. But I could tell from the desperate look in his eyes this was serious. I adjusted my glasses, the light reflecting off the...[Read More]

Geek Lyfe Spotlight: Redshirt

Geek Lyfe Spotlight: Redshirt Red Shirt is one of the only Red Shirts to survive more than one mission planet side due to getting horribly lost from his group. When he returned, the entire crew was dead. Now he fills his time doing podcast episodes with Zombieboi. He has met the Doctor and had a big mac with him in his Tardis but had no idea. Han Solo once picked him up and used him to deliver an ...[Read More]

The Hype Train does Summer Movies

The Hype Train does Summer Movies The Hype Train is leaving the station once again and we’re talking up the summer movie blockbusters of this year! Come check it out and listen to Zombieboi (Timmy), Redshirt (Casey), Powerforce (Tony), Gumbercules (Clayton) and guest star Apex (Stephen) as we go over the awesomeness that was cinema this summer!

The Hype Train goes San Diego Comic Con

The Hype Train goes San Diego Comic Con! Whats up?! Here is another edition of the newly named Hype Train!  Your hosts are the one and only Redshirt and Zombieboi! In this episode we cover San Diego Comic Con 2015 and all the awesomness that occurred! We have guests who are here to help us discuss the various movies and TV shows that were shown, these guests are: DarthMexican (DeAngelo), Powerforc...[Read More]

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