Youtuber ProJared Suspected of Cheating on Cosplayer Wife, Atelier Heidi, with Cosplayer Commander Holly

For years I have been a huge fan of Game Grumps, Commander Holly, Dodger, Jesse Cox, ProJared, and so many more. Every single day, while at work or at home, I would consume their content and get over the moon with excitement when they came out with collaborations. For anyone who might be unfamiliar with who these people are, they are content creators who host a majority of the video game content o...[Read More]

Dunkirk – Traditional War Movie With Some Nolan Flavor

Dunkirk – The Geek Lyfe Review When you have a director like Christopher Nolan who’s blown audiences away with movies about time travel, dream invaders, and a grown man in expensive bat pajamas who punches clowns in the face, you have to wonder how he’d fare with a more grounded story about a military extraction. With Dunkirk being Nolan’s first run at a war-based action/dr...[Read More]

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