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MCM London 2019 Review by Envyious

By Envyious With con season in full swing, MCM London was brought back round to the Excel Exhibition Centre by ReedPOP, accompanied by gorgeous warm weather, and a touch of rain at the end of the weekend. Queues moved smoothly over the weekend, with new process in place to allow guests back in through the west entrance, letting guests avoid a full walk around the building and friendly, approachabl...[Read More]

Cobalt Cosplay Takes on MCM London Comic Con 2018

It was that time of year again! Reed Pop took over the Excel Exhibition centre for yet another huge MCM London Comic Con, this time in the freezing cold with a strong breeze, with the crowds indoors to back it up! Reed-popʼs first October London MCM kicked off well, with the queues on the Friday zooming through security, even faster than the press desk did! The layout was as it usually is, the Nor...[Read More]

Review: ReedPop’s First MCM London Comic Con!

With a very warm con out the way, ReedPop’s first London MCM ran smoothly, with a clear difference now that an American company has taken charge. Despite yet another price rise in tickets, the weekend proved to be as popular as ever. There were minimal changes in regards to entering the venue and queueing. Everyone I managed to speak to throughout the weekend said that even Saturday’s queues...[Read More]

MCM London Comic Con Review 2016

London’s MCM Comic Con is by far of the UK’s biggest comic cons, attracting cosplayers and fans from all around. This was my third time visiting the Excel centre for the con and the first time going on a Friday. I have to say, as with most cons with a three day weekend, visiting on a Friday will usually mean a few things. 1) It’s usually less crowded so cosplayers tend to where t...[Read More]

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