ThatBronzeGirl Is an Incredible Content Creator You Should Check Out!

There are thousands upon thousands of Twitch streamers that you can watch but today I am going to focus on ThatBronzeGirl. Thatbronzegirl is a Twitch streamer, actress, writer, and so much more!

The above tweet floated across my timeline and I was immediately interested by her sheer excitement over something as wholesome as giving an Animal Crossing villager a gift. Little did I know that this clip represented a tiny sliver of her content. I quickly found out that ThatBronzeGirl has her hand in various incredible tabletop role-playing projects both indie and mainstream.

Not only as a player:

But also as a Dungeon Master:

On top of participating in various projects, she streams almost every day on her Twitch channel where she spends the first couple of hours casually chatting with her fans before gaming with her friends. During that time she chats about anything and everything from politics, content creation advice, her personal life, and more. What I find most enjoyable is how authentic she is with her fans! Whether she is having a great day or a bad day, she brings it to the stream.


When she plays video games, she always makes her close friends her first choice to game with. The love is felt and returned tenfold making for fun streams since it is literally a bunch of friends having a great time with one another. It is nothing short of genuine and wholesome!



ThatBronzeGirl typically plays game genres like horror or Horde mode shooters however she will basically play anything and everything so long as it means a fun time with friends! Which results in fantastic sessions that will leave you in tears!


Some are wholesome!

And some are just plain timeless!

The major reasons I appreciate her is because of her consistency, honesty, and charm. It also means a lot to me personally due to her being, as the name suggests, of a bronze skin tone. She is Indian and speaks openly about her culture, upbringing, her perspective on various topics, and even being a woman of color in the geek realm. This is not content you see from most twitch streamers and that is what draws me to her platform.

While most creators try and maintain neutrality on all issues unless they know for a fact it will benefit them, ThatBronzeGirl constantly speaks her mind on hard issues. Even if you might not agree with her opinions, you’ll no doubt respect her. These conversations typically take place amongst her and her peers where even though they might have differing opinions, they are all still welcomed and considered. She has discussed politics, Twitch Drama, her own career, and more to the point where it is almost a guarantee that tuning in to one of her streams will result in nothing but entertainment.

I highly recommend checking out ThatBronzeIGirl whenever you get a chance! She streams almost every day from around 9 am-3 pm PST and can be found on a ton of other streams for projects such as Sunfall Cycle, Eclipse, and D&D Beyond‘s Silver and Steel!

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Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: | | |

Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: | | |

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