The Best TV Game Shows of All Time

While we geeks love our games, and TV game shows are now booming across the world. While in the past you could count them on one hand, nowadays, over forty shows on different platforms and more are coming up. Game shows now feature rich content and are not purely for entertainment. People across all ages can learn a thing or two from the game shows currently being aired while boosting their odds of winning if ever given a chance to play.

Moreover, the shows can be used to complement in-class activities and relieve stress. There are, of course, several game shows available for you. It nonetheless helps to know the best shows for you to watch so that you do not waste time watching boring shows. The following is a list detailing the best TV game shows of all time.


This is among the longest-running game shows having debuted in 1964. It features three contestants answering different trivia questions. The catch here is that the contestants will be given an answer rather than a question. They are then expected to frame a question for that answer. There are special guests, including college and teen participants, returning contestants and celebrities with the show now on its 33rd season, featuring host Alex Trebek.

The $100,000 Pyramid

You will know that a game show has been around for some time when it even changes the value of its prize money. The $100,000 Pyramid started in 1973 as the $10000 Pyramid. The teams on the show take turns giving clues that will unlock a secret phrase or word to get to a different game level. The game board resembles a pyramid, with each level inching participants closer to winning the $100,000 at the top of the pyramid.

The Price Is Right

This show started in 1965 with Bob Cullen as its host then revamped in 2007 with Drew Carrey as its current host. In the show, randomly chosen audience members guess different merchandise prices before a winner is called on stage, where they spin a wheel to win various prizes. The show ends with the “Showcase Showdown” featuring two top contestants who compete to get the prices of different merchandise right and win them.

Wheel of Fortune

This show debuted in 1983 with its concept borrowed from the “hangman” game. Contestants will spin a wheel that determines whether they win a specific monetary amount per guess or lose their chance to play. To play, contestants guess the letters of a puzzle’ answers, but they should “buy vowels” to use them for their guesses.

Deal or No Deal Lotto

This is among the newest online game shows based on the UK show named” deal or no deal.” The Deal or no Deal Lottery at Lottoland encourages contestants to pick six numbers ranging from 1-49 then match as many as possible using Lottoland’s instant win draw. If they match the numbers, the contestants proceed to the next level in the game where they will play against a banker like in the traditional deal or no deal game show. You can choose to hold onto your numbers, unsure of what the cash prize will be or give in to the banker’s cash offer.

Family Feud

This show that debuted in 1976 pits two five-member families against each other. Each of the family members answers questions until they get three strikes, then the survey question will be passed to a competing family. The final ”money round” in the game features two members picked by the winning family, answering a round of quick survey questions. Currently hosted by Steve Harvey, Family Feud is fun, simple, and easy to play along to at home.

The above TV game shows are definitely worth sampling by someone looking for an exciting and educational program. Most of them also have uploaded their previous episodes online that you can binge-watch to catch up on current episodes.

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